Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, i had a 4 day weekend and I had a big to do list and lets just say, i DID NOT get as much done as i would have liked to.

The husband and I had to run some errands on Friday before he had to go to work and then Friday night i started reading a book and rested with Macy, that girl is just as cute as they get!!

On Saturday i needed to finish up some stuff in the yard like pulling the weeds and making sure my plants were growing and fertilizing those :) They still look great, which is good for me because i am not much of a green thumb! Wish i was though, i am still learning. I also needed to get caught up on laundry and also clean 2 of the 3 bedrooms, I got that done along with cleaning out the closets for the upcoming garage sale, it is amazing to me how much stuff we have accumulated over 2 years of being in our house!!

Sunday Joe and I did not do too much we did a few things around the house and he wanted to have Tacos for supper so after 2 hours at the grocery store we got home and we made tacos, (i wanted to grill, haha it is the kick off of summer) and watched the NASCAR race, it was an interesting finish and a LONG race at that, do you watch NASCAR? My dad and brother are big race fans so i have watched it with them through out the years if it is on and Joe wants to watch we will watch but we don't sit in front of the TV every Sunday and watch the races! :)

Monday the weather was HOT, HUMID and WINDY and it was a great day to sit outside and get a TAN :) Macy and I laid outside while i read a book and she enjoyed the sunshine and wind, she was also exhausted after we got inside. We then had a graduation party, it was nice to see Morgan and wish her good luck as she will be attending the University of Northern Iowa majoring in Elementary Education, she is attending my Alma Mater :) We also went for another bike ride with Macy and she is still enjoying it, we are going this weekend to hopefully buy her a bike trailer. Joe said " do you think they make bike helmets for dogs?" haha, i said NO :)

I hope you enjoyed the weekend and are not too sleepy at work today, it is rainy and dark outside in Iowa today so it was hard to get going this morning. I am a bit sleepy along with an earache, how weird for someone in their 20's to have an earache? :)

Here are a few pictures of Macy enjoying her Memorial Day Weekend :)

I have no idea why she is laying like this around the leg of the table :) She was warm after we got inside from laying out!

Stay tuned for Friday Book Club, so you can see the book that i finished in 3 days and i am thinking i might be finishing the second book before Friday!

Have a great Tuesday!

Until next time,