Monday, May 16, 2011

Thursday- the weekend!

Thursday, my wonderful husband went under to get his wisdom teeth out, he was a trooper and did a good job, when i went back after he was recovering, he was funny! He asked me to take a picture of him laying there, so i did and i am sure after he sees it posted on here he is going to think "why did i let her do that!" After i took the picture he asked me about 1,000 times about his blood pressure, if they got all the teeth, if he was OK, and other funny stuff. It wasn't as funny as the You Tube videos, but i sure got a good laugh. He also had a really good nurse taking care of him that day too, Macy :)

Sorry Joe, i had to post it :)

Nurse Macy :)
 Friday Joe was feeling better so i went back to work and had to work a Senior Olympic Health Fair, it was a fun time, slow but fun, i was hoping to sneak over to the gym and get a glimpse of the "Granny basketball" but i didn't get over there. Joe was starving that night and didn't know what he wanted to eat and we didnt' have much in the house i REALLY needed to go grocery shopping so we went and got some pasta and he was feeling better and felt like he could relax because his belly wasn't grumbling anymore :) How did you feel after you got your wisdom teeth out? The funny thing about me, is the day i got mine out, Joe called me for our first date, i didn't go out that night, but i went out with him the day after i got mine out, he told me on Saturday i must have been crazy haha! :)

Saturday night we got to see my aunt from Florida, her husband, her cute as a button son Josiah, my brother, sister in law and that cute niece of ours Lily! It was nice to see everyone and i hope we all get together again on Tuesday!

Sunday the hubby and I had to run to pick up some of Macy favorite treats, she has been out of flossies for about 2 months and they have been hard to come by  so we were able to snatch up 10 of those and she was SO HAPPY to have one yesterday! We are going to have to keep a close eye on those and get more hopefully so she doesn't run out again :)

We had a cold and rainy weekend for weather and it looks like it is going to be a cooler week for us this week to, i am alright with the weather being nice so i can get a few things done around my house, i need to get the rest of my hostas and i think i am going to plant some Veronica's on the east side of my house! That is our weekend project along with power washing the house and patio off :) Hoping the rain they area showing for weekend stays away!

I am looking for some easy summer recipes, if anyone has some, i would love for you to send them my way! I am also still needing 7 more book recommendations! Please recommend your favorite book, i am onto reading book number 4 :)

Love you all! I love the comments and followers, been getting a giveaway together, so stay tuned :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Can't wait to see what you did!

Until next time,


Emily said... [Reply]

My husband had his taken out about a month ago and he asked me to take his picture too-only the next day when I showed him he did not remember it at all. ha. He made me promise it would not appear on the blog! Hope your husband recovers quickly!