Friday, January 14, 2011


Wow, i have gotten really behind on keeping up with the blogging! We hope everyone had a great holiday and 2011 is treating you good :)

We had a wonderful holiday with our families and so far 2011 has been good. Our niece Lily enjoyed all the boxes and paper at Christmas, she didn't want to open any of her presents, but she would help everyone open their presents :) She is getting so big, i still can't believe she turned 1 on November 23rd!

I took a new job, i know you are all thinking, didnt' she just get a new job? Well i did, i worked at the MDA for a short time and while there, Kirkwood Community College called and asked for an interview for a position i applied for before starting at MDA, i was thrilled to get the call and then a second call and after that a job offer, i accepted with JOY! I started on January 4th, and all i can say is I LOVE it, i dont' see myself going anywhere for a LONG time!

Joe has started his second semester of school and is enjoying it so far, he said he has to read a lot, but it will be good for him :)

I am enjoying my nights home with Macy and i am also enjoying my new NOOK color i got for Christmas.

In 2011, we will be planning for our 10 year high school reunion! I can't believe it has been 10 years already, so if anyone has great ideas for where to have it and what to do, let me know!

Well that is all for now, i will post some pictures and one of my resolutions, is to blog more :)