About Us

Joe and I met while working at the same retail store in October of 2002, I am not sure why he ever called me after our first meeting, but all i can say is it must have been my charm :) haha!! He actually called me to ask me to go on our first date, the day i got my wisdom teeth out! (yes i told him i was getting them out, but he must have forgot ;)) So we went out the next night ( i was one of the lucky ones that really had no pain or soreness with the surgery) and the rest is history. At my 5 year class reunion in August of 2006, Joe popped the question and the funny thing is, he has never been able to surprise me and i was sure surprised and pretty much all of the 60 people at our class reunion knew about it and i had no idea, (which is hard to believe, nothing gets passed me) the planning began and we were married on September 22, 2007, we had a beautiful wedding day and couldn't not have been more thankful for our family and friends who shared in that special day with us!

Today we reside in Iowa and both love our jobs. Joe has been at his job for almost 9 years this summer, i just started my new job and couldn't imagine being anywhere else! Joe is going back to school while working full time, so he is busy but is enjoying the challenges along the way, i am very proud of him.

Joe and I enjoying doing many things together, work outside, riding bikes, shopping ( he likes the home improvement stores) watching the Iowa Hawkeyes, (Joe was a Penn State fan until he met me :)) we enjoy spending time with our families and friends, we are also looking forward to more road trips to visit our friends that have moved away! We love the warmer weather months in Iowa so we can spend time outside. Joe really is the person who gets me, he knows when to leave me alone and he also knows when i want to talk, he is also just so kind and loving, i could not have asked for a better man to share the rest of my life with.

In March of 2009 we gave our fur baby Macy a forever home! She was 1.5 pounds the day we brought her home and 3 years later she is full grown at 4.8 pounds we love her dearly, she is full of life and she loves her family very much! She has a very spunky personality and knows what she wants. In March of 2012 Macy needed to have double luxating patella surgery (basically double knee surgery) and she was down for the count for 6 weeks, she is slowly recovering and doing a great job! She is so much happier now that her knees feel better and she can really "turn up the heat" when she is running :)

In September of 2009 we bought our first house and it has been fun, making this house our home! We have had to do quite a few renovations and have more to do, i hope to post some of our "before" and "after" pictures, along with the DIY projects.

I decided to start this blog to share and remember all the stuff we have done, along with sharing with all our friends and family who live miles away from us! I also hope to gain some new found friendships from the blog world :)

We hope you enjoy reading about our lives and what we are doing, along with my efforts at trying to cook and bake! Hopefully I can learn new skills from all my blogger friends! We also hope you enjoy the stories of us making our house our home, plus there will be lots of pictures of our cute little Macy girl!


Life with the Adams!