Friday, October 28, 2011

oh boy.... it has been awhile!

I am sorry to all my readers, (that are still reading) of my absence from blogging, i tell you i have been super busy and when i get home at night, there is always something that needs to get done! I have also been stressing out about what to wear for our family pictures we are having this weekend! So i will be posting pictures from our photo shoot later, i hope Macy is a good girl for the few pictures she will be in, and i also hope all of our outfits go together, it is hard planning for 8 people! As long as i am in the back hiding out they will look good ! :)

I love Halloween and i am so excited to see all the trick or treaters and we also get to see our niece she is going to be a lady bug, i bet she will be the cutest bug around :) Macy is going to be a pumpkin because she is my sweet little pumpkin :) Are you dressing your pets, if so what are they going to be? Here is a picture of the "lady bug in the grass" How sweet is she? She is also brushing her teeth in the other one, she has quite the seat huh? :)

Joe and I are off to a wedding this weekend too! I really love weddings, but i am terrible at taking pictures, we shall see how i do, i am hoping for birthday which is coming up soon, i will be getting a new DSLR camera hint hint hubby ;)

Here is a sweet picture of Macy, she was not feeling very well the other night and i took her picture with my phone.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, i will be back on Monday with regular programming :)

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

I feel bad i didn't get to post this on Sunday, but i going to do the post even though it is a couple days late!

I wanted to wish my wonderful Husband Joe a Happy 30th Birthday!! He is my rock and my best friend, i could not ask for a better husband! He is caring, loving and is also a great fur daddy to our sweet fur baby Macy! :)

We had a nice weekend for his birthday and did a lot, here is a few pictures of him on his big day, we celebrated with a cookie cake, just him and I and then he had Cheesecake with his family! Too many sweets for this lady who is trying to lose some weight :) We also went to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins it was a beautiful day but really windy, it is very dry in Iowa right now, but today we got some much needed rain!

Macy was very interested in the cookie cake, she wouldn't even look at me :)
NO we don't feed her people food :)
 Hope everyone is having a great week! I hope to be back to regular blogging next week! Have been super busy lately!

Until next time,