Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Can it really be Wednesday already? :)

Of course i am linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday! It feels like this is sometimes all the blogging i do in one week!

I'm Loving:  Vacation days!! I dont' know what i would do without my vacation days! We were suppose to head to Wisconsin Dells for a couple days but things didn't work out, the hubs couldn't miss class the second week of class, so we decided to have a stay cation and did a few things around the house including a little deep cleaning :)
I'm Loving: That I am getting my hair cut this weekend! I am in desperate need for a cut, color and a new style! My hair use to be long and about a year after we were married i cut it off above my shoulders, so i am slowly growing it back out! Any recommendations for a cute cut for curly hair :( ?

I'm Loving:  That in 3 days from today the kickoff to Iowa Hawkeye football is starting!! Can't wait, i know most of you have heard of this story, which breaks my heart, well that dog might possibly be leading the football team onto the field this weekend, which will honor all fallen soldiers and our troops, i think it will be a neat tribute if they do it.

I'm Loving: That i am getting an attachment to Macy's bike trailer to make it a stroller so we can take her on longer walks now! She loves to be outside and go on walks but her little legs can only go so far!
Just like hers but not red :)
I'm Loving:  All the dress coats, i have been seeing! I am excited to get a new one for this winter season, I love summer and fall but i love coats :) Have you seen any that you love?

I'm Loving: My sweet and loving husband and loving little fur baby!
Can't wait to see what you are loving today!

Happy Wednesday!

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I can't believe it is Wednesday already! I have a short work day today! I was on the road yesterday so i am taking off 2 hours early today :) I am linking up with Jamie again for What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving:  How our new garage door looks :) We also cut down the tree in our front lawn, so i will be posting the before and after of that later this week! I really liked the windows, but that wooden door weighed 250 pounds and it was an extra 250 dollars for windows in the new garage door... i think i will pass! :)

Before new garage door

Sorry for the phone camera quality!
I'm Loving: Pinterest! I know everyone is loving it, but i am finally getting into it and finding all sorts of fun things and i love to see what everyone else is pinning! If you are not following me you should :) Click my button on the left :)

I'm Loving: That my brother and his wife just bought a house they have been waiting awhile to find the perfect place and i think they found a keeper! :)
I'm Loving:  That the hubby and I are talking about putting one of these in our back yards this spring :) My parents are too! How fun will summer be!
I'm Loving: That i have slowly started my Christmas List of what i need to buy and I am hoping to start shopping in September!! How early do you start your shopping?

I'm Loving: That i have cooked 3 meals at home this week! It is only Tuesday but i cooked, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (well the hubby cooked Tuesday, but that still counts right? ) We are trying to save on our food budget and i am NEED of recipes, so please blogger friends share your favorites with me!!
I'm Loving:  My followers and all the sweet comments you leave, keep them coming :) I would also love to have new followers! So please come and stay awhile!

I'm Loving: Of course i am loving these 2  :)
My sweet fur baby Macy
And this handsome man in the picture :) 
Can't wait to see what you are loving this Wednesday!

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.
I'm Loving:  That Monday i had a great day at the State Fair with my hubby, sister and parents! I are way too much and we walked so much, my feet hurt at the end of the day! But it was a blast. This year is the 25th year of the butter cow, so they had other stuff like "fried butter" Yes i did try it and it was not terrible, it was kind of like a french toast, they had fried 1/2 stick butter in a cinnamon sugar batter and drizzled frosting over the top, between the 5 of us, we all had maybe 2 bites so not bad :)

I'm Loving:  That today when i get home from work, i will have a new garage door!! Can't wait i finally will be able to use the opener instead of manually pulling it up and down! :)

I'm Loving: The idea of fall, but i am not quite ready to give up on summer! :)

Google images
I'm Loving: That September 3rd kicks off Iowa Hawkeye Football! Can't wait to join 70,000+ of my closest friends and watch the Hawkeyes WIN :) (even if i only get to go to 1 game :))Plus fall tailgating food is so good! How much do you love football?

I'm Loving: How nice it has been to have my husband around for the last week, he is still working but he had a week off of school, so he was not doing homework when he was home, he starts back to school Monday, so our short 1 week time together is dwindling down :(

I'm Loving: Of course i am loving these 2 loves of my life! They are amazing! :)

Can't wait to see what you are loving this Wednesday!

I also loving new followers and comments, so please stay awhile and leave your comments!! :)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

Linking up with CMAE for Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Today's topic is: Share any photos of your pets old or new.

I am just posting some pictures of our little Macy girl doing what she does best!

Macy just loves this blanket she runs for it, when she sees me get it out! :)

 Enjoying the sun! How can you not love that cute little face?

Her favorite place to be when the weather turns cool, she wants me to turn on the little electric heater i use for her after she gets a bath :)

Her new favorite summer treat, to go for bike rides!!

Spoiled is her middle name! We love her!

Can't wait to see all your fur babies! We adore our little Macy and couldn't imagine life without her!

Until next time,

Friday, August 12, 2011

The day i said YES :)

I have not posted much on our wedding or love story :) So i thought i would start!

5 years ago today, he asked and she said YES! Joe has never been one to keep secrets, he has to wait until the last minute to buy gifts or give them to you right away! It is funny and cute, so when he asked me to marry him i was completely caught off guard, i always thought i would know when he was going to ask because i thought he would be nervous and giddy, boy was i wrong, haha!

Joe proposed to me at my 5 year class reunion, we had spent the weekend away and i think he had wanted to do it then, but he said there was never the perfect moment :) The funny thing was that he had told a few people he was going to do it and nobody said anything to me and i didn't pick up any subtle hints either, i must have been to excited about seeing all my classmates :)

We decided to take a walk along the river by the golf course because they had just put in a walk way, so we were walking and enjoying the nice night when Joe stopped talking and i turn around and there he is down on one knee, and told me to come over... He then proceeded to ask for my hand in marriage, i was so surprised that i said "are you serious" (how romantic huh?:)) Of course i said yes and as we were walking back of course everyone knew by then and they were waiting and excited for us! I have the best class and group of friends!!
 Here is a picture of us shortly after he asked! Sorry for terrible picture i couldn't find the file on my computer :(

Sorry for the terrible picture, i had to scan this in :)
So after August 12, 2006 let the fun begin! We didn't start planning right away it took about a month or so for it to really sink in that we were getting married! We couldn't have been happier. So we set the date for September 22, 2007 and begin planning away, things were pretty easy going, except dress shopping.... it seemed to take me forever to find the perfect dress, my poor mother and sister, i think we went to about 50 shops!

I couldn't be happier to be married to my best friend! That day 5 years ago changed my life and i couldn't have asked a better partner to share my life with! Love you Joe!!!

More to come... have to start small right!

Thanks to all my wonderful  followers for sticking by me while i get a hang of this whole blog thing :) Your the best!!

Until next time,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh Thursday :)

Last night when i got home from work, my head was pounding, i think it didn't know how to feel because we have finally reached a COOL DOWN :) It had been in the upper 90's with heat indexes in the 105+ and last night it cooled off and take a look at today's temps :)

Also here is what our next week looks like, the only thing i don't like is, in the mornings it reminds me too much of fall, i am sad to see Summer coming to a close.......

I am sorry to everyone that is still sweating and dealing with the heat, i hope a relief comes soon! I am also excited about being able to open the windows in our house! i am not looking forward to our electric bill this month.......

I feel like i have been busy at work and also trying to get a cleaning schedule at home so that way i am not doing everything on the weekends! So far i have been doing pretty good, i found some cool ideas to have a schedule board, so i am going to try that and i will post about it and let you know how that goes!

This weekend Joe and I have to get our garage cleaned up for the new garage door to be put on, i am actually really excited about it, but i wanted to spend that money on something else, the joys of home ownership. But i think it will be way nicer than the door we currently have :) We also have 3 trees that have to come down, i am sad to cut trees down, but one is growing out of control and the other 2 are dying.... so we will be down 3 trees out of the 4 we have on our property, we will be replacing 2 of the 3 we are cutting down, we are waiting until the spring to plant the new trees, any suggestions on nice trees to plant that grow nice and dont' have any droppings? :)  We are cutting the blue spruce in the front of the house and that big evergreen in the back yard along with another blue spruce in the back yard ( no picture)

I am happy to say that i will be purging all my junk this weekend! My mom is having a garage sale so i am tag teaming with her to have mine as well! :) I am happy to be able to spend time with her and my sister, i will post pictures next week about our day! Macy will also be joining in on the garage sale fun, hopefully people will buy just because she is so darn cute!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Until next time,
P.S. Has anyone else been having trouble getting onto Pinterest?? Everytime i log in it says "Urg all servers are busy please try again later"  :(

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lily and the Kennel!

I love to hear great news from friends!! I will not share the news yet, but soon!

My brother, sister in law and niece were in town for the week, and Lily got to spend a couple days at Grandma and Grandpas while her Mom and Dad went on a getaway! She is too funny, on Monday Joe, Macy and I went to town to see her and my family. She was a busy lady, eating sweet corn, and wanting to swim! I was trying to teach her how to swim, but it was not working too well :) Right before we were getting ready to leave Lily decided she wanted to climb into Macy's kennel and lay down! Macy was getting  a bit frustrated thinking "why is this person sleeping in my space" :( My mom and I were cracking up laughing at her! Below are a few pictures of her in the kennel, she was also trying to shut the door but her legs were getting in the way!

We love spending time with her! She makes us laugh that is for sure, she is also almost saying every one's name except mine.... she even says Macy's name except it is "Mace" :) I guess she is saving the best for last :))

Joe and I have been busy bees lately, he is ready for a small break from school he will have 2 weeks in between his summer session and fall session and i am ready to spend a couple days with him :) We will be heading to Wisconsin Dells at the end of the month with another couple that we are friends with, it will be a good time and we are looking forward to spending time on the lake and relaxing, any suggestions of things to do there or places to eat while we are there? We are also trying to find something to do for our Anniversary in September, but the 2 places i have looked at are having events the same weekend as our anniversary so all hotels are booked :( We wanted to go to Galena or Chicago, but both look to be booked, any suggestions of nice places in the Midwest? :)

We finally got a break from the heat the past couple days, we are also looking really nice for the next week, check out 7 day forecast :)

It is a much needed cool down, i have been staying inside every night i get home from work and doing stuff inside to avoid going out in the 100+ degree weather! What have you been doing to stay cool? I kind of felt like i was hibernating :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I would love new followers, so if you love enjoy reading about my boring little life here, take a seat and enjoy the ride :)

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

First, i am so excited that is already Wednesday! We have also gotten a slight break from the heat! Last night i went to the grocery store around 8:45 and it was slightly cooler, less muggy and we even had a light breeze :) So now onto What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Make sure you link up with Jamie if you are not already! Her blog is awesome and she seems to be the sweetest blogger!

I'm Loving:  That my sweet little Macy girl went in the baby pool with Lily at Grandma and Grandpas house! We have been scared to let her go into the water because she is so small, this worked out perfect! We need to get her a life jacket so she can go on a boat too :) How sweet is it that they make life jackets for pets? <3
I'm Loving: That it is almost time to hit up the Iowa State Fair! I know that sounds like it would not be very fun, but we have a large state fair here in Iowa it runs for 11 days and each day around 80,00-100,000 people show up and at the Iowa State Fair it is famous for the "Butter Cow" :) This will be Joe and mines 10th year going to the State Fair, we have gone every year we have been together except for last year :( We have all our favorite "fair" food we have to get and then we are stuffed for 2 days after, it is usually 100 degrees every time we go too! :)


I'm Loving: That i can finally start the couch to 5k, since the weather is cooling off, it was just too darn hot out for me to run in :)

I'm Loving:  Under Armour cotton sleeveless tops, it is hard to find shirts that are long enough for tall people and work out clothes are one thing i can never find. So i snatched a few of these to keep until next year!

I'm Loving: Panera's Mango Smoothies, i know these are not new and i have been having them for the last 2 summers, but they are the BEST!!

I'm Loving:  Of course my sweet husband and our fur baby Macy! She has been so funny lately, she does not want to leave our side, she just snuggles in and if we get up from the couch she is right beside us wondering where we are going.

Can't wait to see what you are loving today!

Until next time,