Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Hobby

Today has been a rainy and cold Saturday, I watched the Hawkeyes win today while snuggled in with my dog. Joe was at the game freezing his rear off and getting soaked, but you can't miss the chance to spend a Saturday with 70,000 of your closest Hawkeye fans!!! Plus a victory of 45-0 is not too bad either!

After the game it was time for my pedicure! I love to get them and after today, i don't do them enough! I need to set up a monthly pedicure with some friends, any of my friends up for the monthly pamper?!! I left my pink summer toes and went for a fall color of darker red, I chose OPI's Manicured of Seville for my color I love it! I wish i could still wear open toe shoes!! What is your favorite color to get when you get a manicure or pedicure? I know weird to post a picture of my feet, but i wanted to show you the Fall the color I chose!!!

I have decided i would like to start a new hobby, i am going to try sewing, i have a few ideas of things i want to make, but it might take some time to get those items made. If anyone has any recommendations on sewing machines, i would love to hear! Also if anyone has ideas of things i should make i would take those too!!! I am excited to start my new hobby!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Until next time!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today we will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary! It is hard to believe we have been married for 3 years already!! The day we got married the weather was PERFECT!! We could not have asked for a better day, today however the weather is a little dreary!!

I have to say I am a very lucky lady to have married my husband, he the kindest, caring, loving and funny man. We have had our ups and downs the last 3 years that is for sure, he has always been there to care for me and tell me everything will work out, while i am stressing out! He can always make me smile when i am having a bad day and you should see how much he loves his "daughter" our little Macy girl :)

We are excited to spend the next 100 years together! Nothing too exciting planned for today, Joe has school and i think we will go out to eat, maybe try a new place :)

Happy Anniversary Joe! I love you!!

Us at a wedding this summer (2010)
One of my favorites from our wedding day!!!
Always making me smile :)

Our little family! Joe, Me and Macy :) (2010)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Vacation

I am going attach some more pictures from our vacation this summer to Pennsylvania! We went to State College Pennsylvania and visited Penn State University! It is a very BEAUTIFUL campus, my father in law graduated from Penn State and still loves it! We had a great time there and ate at a wonderful Restaurant, I hope to go back some day, but my heart belongs in Iowa City with the HAWKEYES!!! <3
Joe is standing with the Joe Paterno statue..
Here i am with the statute, keeping my Iowa Pride alive :)

Joe and I posing with the Nittany Lion.

A very cute and great restaurant we ate lunch at! The building was very old had had been refurbished it was wonderful!!

Until next time, enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Job and other news!

I have been absent from my blogging lately and i apologize, hopefully i will catch up with our Summer vacation this week :)

This has been a big week for us here in the Adams household, a year ago today the offer on our first home was ACCEPTED!! We couldn't be happier in our home. I was also offered and accepted a new JOB today, it has been a long awaited joy for me :) I was laid off from the Multiple Sclerosis Society 6 months ago, so i am eager to get back to work, i will be starting my new position with the Muscular Dystrophy Association on September 27th, as the Health Care Services Coordinator, i am very excited about this opportunity! (i know i went from MS to MDA, it will be confusing for awhile i am sure :))

Joe has decided to go back to school this fall, he was nervous about starting but now he is happy with his choice and very excited about it, he is perfect little student, he studies and does all his homework, i am so proud of him :) He has a few years until he is done, but it will be great once he is Graduated!!

Lily is almost 10 months old it is hard to believe our little niece is going to be a year old this November, she is so cute. She is saying DaDa, MaMa, Hi and Bye and she is waving it is too fun, she is also taking about 3 to 4 steps on her own, i am sure by the next time we see her she will be running :)

As for Macy she is still as beautiful as ever :) She is loving that is cooling down so we can go for more walks and she is as spoiled as ever, i don't think she is going to like it when i go back to work :)

That is all for now, i am going to be posting more in the next week and hoping to have more pictures and updates from our trip to PA and to the Chicagoland Speedway!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Road Trip to Pennsylvania

Joe, my father in law, mother in law and myself made a road trip to Pennsylvania i will be posting these pictures and stories through out the week! One of our first stops on the trip was at Notre Dame, we got to see "touchdown Jesus" which was very cool! Notre Dame's campus is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! They were having many camps going on while we visited and i didn't get any pictures of the bookstore, but it was no average college bookstore!!!
I have more pictures to post keep checking back!!! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lily swimming

My sister Jaime and I got to babysit Lily for a day earlier this summer and it was a beautiful Iowa day, so we decided to take her swimming and boy did she love the water!! i can't wait to watch her turn into a little fish in the summer time :) Below are a few pictures from her adventure at the pool :)

Until next time, i hope everyone is enjoying the weather and getting a tan!! I need to work on my tan i have not gotten much sun yet this summer and it is already July! I will be posting pictures of our Pennsylvania trip soon!! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So since i have been laid off, i have really hit my bookshelf to read the books i have bought over the years and never gotten a chance to read, i have read right around 15 books and yes i have started the Twilight series which i can't get into, but i am going to finish them so i can keep up with all Twilight lingo :) I have also read 2 books from Kristin Hannah, her books are great, they are easy reads but make sure you have some Kleenex available :) I would recommend reading Firefly Lane. I am looking for more books to get a half price book store or at the Marion Library, after the twilight series i have one more book to finish before my collection at home is done, I am going to read the Shack, any thoughts on reading this one?

If you have any great suggestions for summer reading, please let me know!! If you owe it i would love to borrow it!! Have a safe and great Memorial Day weekend!! What are you doing on your long weekend?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was going to post the "nail biting" habit update in my last post but i seem to have forgotten!! I have been doing well, going on about 2 weeks and i think the hardest part is over :0 My nails are trying to heal from 20+ years of this habit!! I will post a picture of them once they look good :) Hope everyone is having a great day and not getting blown away from the wind!

Macy is enjoying other nice day outside watching Mommy do some yard work! :)  She didn't last too long because it was too windy out there for her, i guess when you weigh 4 pounds it is hard to stay in one place :)

I will be posting our next project within the next week or so, lets hope for nice weather this weekend so we can start on it!~ :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

House Painting

Today Joe and I decided we were going to paint the foundation of the house, it took us all day, but we finally got it done, now we have to move onto our next project!! I have posted a before and after picture and one of "our" supervisor for the day! :) Macy loves to hang outside with us, Joe is very happy with how everything turned out, so am i :) He is happy no more PINK house :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring time/ breaking a habit :)

For everyone who knows me, knows i have always been a nail biter, you would think since i am a germaphobe and into health, i would not do this, i have tried many times to quit and i have been going strong now for about 5 day!! :) I know i know not a big deal, but for me it is, i will keep everyone posted on how kicking this "nervous habit" is going, it might take awhile i have been doing it for 20+ years! :)

Been busy at home digging up the bushes in the front of the house and then once those are done, i have mulch to remove and then the FLOWERS are going to get planted :) We are also going to paint the foundation, it is a PINK color right now :) and i know how much i love pink but i don't think i want to have it on my house, then comes the sanding and painting of the garage door! We were really hoping to get a new one this spring but i think we are going to wait until the time is right to replace it. I will post a before and after picture of the house with no bushes and flowers and the ugly painted foundation and to the new and refreshed one, once we are done.... don't get your hopes up, i still haven't posted pictures of the house... maybe one of these days!!

Joe is enjoying keeping the yard free of weeds and mowing... we need to get a few things for him so he can have everything he needs to keep the yard in tip top shape!

I am starting to carry my camera around again, i want to get better about taking and capturing the memories we make!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Early morning

Monday morning Macy woke up at 4:00 a.m. and wanted to come lay in bed with us, after about 20 minutes she started to scratch and move around so we turned the light on to see her pretty little face VERY swollen her eyes were barely open and we were scared to death, we had no idea what was wrong with her. We called our vet to get the emergency number, we took her to the emergency vet and they think she is allergic to something or she ate a bug and it made her face swell... Poor little girl, she got a couple shots and 2 hours later she was on her way home with us, she has been very clingy and restless the last 2 days but she is getting better. I wish i had taken pictures of her little swollen face, but i rushed out the door and didn't even think about it. We have to take her in back to the Vet if anymore swelling appears, they think she could also have some allergies...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Premier Designs Jeweler

I have decided to become a Premier Designs Jeweler, it is a home based party company with great hostess benefits, i miss the world of jewelry and thought this would be a fun and exciting way to get back into it, i am looking for people to hold parties for me, it would be greatly appreciated and you would get some great jewelry for FREE, what more can you want, you get 30% of the shows total in FREE jewelry the average shows free jewelry amount is 150 and the average piece of jewelry is 30 dollars so that means 5 items, plus you get a chance to get $25 more in free jewelry for each of the following items; having the show on the original scheduled date; having $100 in outside orders; having 10 or more adults (buying or not buying) at your show and last getting 3 or more of your friends to have a show with me!!

I would appreciate anyone having a party for me! if you have one in April it is double bonus month, so instead of $ 25 for each item it is $50 for each which means more FREE Jewelry!

Let me know via email at

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1 Year already

Sunday was the one year anniversary of our adoption of Macy, it is hard to imagine our life without her, she came home with us and then she was with us during a difficult time, she was there for me, we love her dearly and she enjoyed her day running in the backyard and laying in the sun chewing on a new flossie <3

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the passing of our dear friend Burns, it is hard to believe it has been a year already. Burns lived everyday to the fullest and we all need to take the way he lived his life and implement some of his drive and love for life into ours. I miss him dearly and think about him and his family often. Tomorrow is his birthday and he loved St. Patricks Day, so everyone should wear green and drink a beer in honor of him, we know he is looking out for all of us, we couldn't have a better someone watching over us! We love and miss you Burns <3 Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Days off and new photo of the niece :0

Well it is my first week off since getting laid off from work, today is day 3 i have applied for many jobs (keep your fingers crossed) i have cleaned my car, done laundry, scrubbed the bathroom floors, picked up Macy's presents in the backyard :), took the pop cans back and i am took somethings to the city dump... Tomorrow i have many more things to check off my list, i think i am going to have everything done by the end of the week.... well everything i can do inside, i have a LARGE to-do list on the outside of the house, but i have to keep waiting for the snow to melt :)

Enough about all the exciting stuff going on!! Joe has been sick this week so i am glad to be home with him, he should be heading back to work tomorrow.. So i have been busy cleaning and Clorox wiping down everything he touches.... I hope i stay healthy so i can see my niece Lily soon :) i have attached the newest photo of her, she has found her thumb :0 I hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the sunshine!! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Day

Yesterday February 26th was my last day as the Program Manager at the MS Society, due to the economy they needed to eliminate a few jobs and i was one they let go, it was very sad day, many clients came in to say bye and i had many phone calls as well, i loved my job and i strongly believe in the cause, i hope things turn around and we can bring programs and services back to Eastern Iowa. I am now on the search for new job, i hope to find something that was as rewarding as my job at the MS Society.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's cold outside!

Today i get a call on my cell phone from my in law's phone, i answer and was very surprised that it was Joe calling me from there, so the story begins he is laughing and saying "oh boy" so he took Macy outside to do her business and when we went to come back inside through the sliding glass door... well it was locked so Macy and him were locked outside in the cold with the wind gusting at 30 mph, the best part about this, is what he was wearing, shorts, a t-shirt and crocs ( no socks):) So he had to run to my in laws house which is a little over a 1/2 mile away, i am glad they are ok, but i can just imagine him running in shorts holding a little 4 pound dog HAHA :) i wonder what everyone thought when they saw him? :) I love my husband he makes me laugh!!! He said the snow was piled in his crocs, i have been telling him it is winter and he needs to wear a coat when he takes her out along with long pants!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am working from home today due to freezing rain.... I am ready for spring even though we are not even a month into "winter" yet.... I am staying warm and cuddling with Macy while we do work and make calls from home. I have attached a picture of her laying in bed one day last week, she loves to snuggle with her dad in the mornings while mom is getting ready for work :)

This past week i got to see my family very unexpectedly my great aunt Marilyn passed away, my aunt and uncle and cousins (as i call them, but they are my great aunt and uncle :)) from Arizona, we don't get to see each other enough, it was great to see them but i wish it was under better circumstances.

We also got to spend time with and see our beautiful niece Lily and her mom and dad Jason and Jen, i had to post the picture of her with her Iowa Hawkeye stuff on, have to teach them early there is only 1 team to cheer on :) GO HAWKS!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hawkeye Victory and Cold Weather

Late night in the Adams household, we just got done watching the Orange Bowl Iowa vs Georgia Tech, Hawks Win 24-14!! It was a long game and the fans were not expecting the cold weather in Miami... But we are having some VERY cold weather here windchill in the -20's Macy has been a really good girl and going outside to do her business :) Hoping for warmer weather soon, but it looks as if we are in for more cold weather and snow starting tomorrow 4-8 inches of light and fluffy stuff coming our way! Joe is looking forward to the snow because he can use his new toy the snow blower!!

Stay warm!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! & Happy Birthdays!!

We hope everyone had a great New Years! We didn't do too much, we played Wii and ate too much at home this year. We said we were going to go out, but decided to stay in it was too cold :) I have quite the list for New Years resolutions, Joe told me he is not going to make any :) I told him to do at least one, i will share a few of mine with you ( the ones i think i can keep :))
1. Quit biting my nails, you would think for the germ phobia that i have i would not do this YUCK!)
2. I am going to read the 365 day bible.
3. Take better care of myself, exercise, take Macy for more walks and do something for myself at least once a month. (haha, i am looking forward to the last part, mani/pedi :))
I have a few more but i am going to keep those to myself in case i don't stick to them :)

We also celebrated Macy's first birthday on December 26th, she was a very good girl and got a few new toys and had a birthday treat!! :) We love her so much and can't imagine what we would do without her wagging tail and beautiful little eyes welcoming us home every day!! We look forward to many many more years with her! <3

We also celebrated my brother Jason's 30th birthday, it is hard to believe he is 30 and a new DADDY!! I posted a picture of Jason and me from our (Joe and I) wedding in 2007.

I also cut all my hair off and you can check it out in the pictures i posted with Macy and I and Joe and Macy on her birthday, she is a bit spoiled but we can't help it :)

We hope and pray that everyone has a healthy, happy and blessed 2010!! We will be adding our before and after pictures of the house very soon!! Stay tuned!