Sunday, May 22, 2011

Macy's first bike ride :)

In one of my last posts, i wrote about how we are getting a pull behind bike trailer for our dog Macy, well it has yet to arrive and i have this puppy "Bjorn" as i like to call it :) My in-laws live about 10 blocks from us and the hubby and i decided to take Macy with us on the short ride and in her puppy "Bjorn" to see if she liked it, yes this contraption is really made for dogs, it is made my the American Kennel Association, it has a cord to attach to her harness and then you can tighten the top to keep her in there, it also has a hard bottom with cushion, so they are comfortable sitting in it. Sometimes when i clean the house i put her in there and we clean together :) She loves to follow us around and this is easier.

She LOVED the bike ride she loved the wind blowing in her face and she didn't bark at one dog we saw while riding, we saw a couple people walking in the short 5 minute bike ride we went on HAHA, and they said look at that lady and that cute dog :) I know i am funny, so here it is, debuting for her first bike ride  MACY :)

She is so cute :)
 Would you do something like this? :)

Until next time,


Amanda said... [Reply]

I would totally do that! I actually have a baby sling for my dog that she loves to wear around the house, she will even drag it over to me so I can put her on! Super cute!

Laura said... [Reply]

I would if my puppy's fit. But I think my lab and pug would both be too big :)