Friday, May 6, 2011

Weight Loss Challenge week 4

Linking up on my Friday weigh ins with Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Running Backwards in High Heels for the Weight Loss Challenge, it is hard to believe it is week 4 already! Half way done! Well i am as week behind.... so i am going with week 4 instead of week 5!! :)
Last week i didn't have a weight loss and i was annoyed, but i thought i have been working hard and lifting weights maybe i just gained some muscle mass! So this week i had a SMALL .8 pound weight loss!! It is not much, but it is better than nothing. I did some measuring to see if had lost inches and i have lost inches on my arms, legs and waist, plus my clothes are fitting better and i have more room :) So my boot camp, Jillians is working, it is just toning my fat into muscle :) Well i hope so! I have had a 8.8 pounds weight loss since the beginning of this challenge and i am hoping to lose another 8.8 pounds or 10 pounds!

What are you doing to cut out your cravings? I have a little bit of a sweet tooth, but again i am going to say by cutting the soda out of my daily diet, it has made a big difference in what i crave! I hope everyone is feeling great and feeling healthy!! Keep up the great work!!

It is suppose to be nice weather in Iowa this weekend, so i hoping to get my bike out remember i finally purchased a new one in April, click here to see that post :) I also am planning to buy my flowers and do some planting while spending time with my lovely mother on Saturday and then on Sunday we are celebrating my father in laws birthday and Mothers day at once, so we have another busy weekend!

What are your weekend plans?

TGIF!!!!!!!!! :)

Until next time,


Cait said... [Reply]

hey girl just wanted to stop by and say LOVE your blog! the picture of you and your hubs is GORGEOUS! keep up with the great weight loss! you're doing fabulous! and yes muscles weighs more than fat so you're doing great!

Tiffany said... [Reply]

Good job!! Hang in there! It's never fun or easy, but so rewarding! I'm on the journey're doing great!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said... [Reply]

Good job! All loss is good loss :)

Kimberley said... [Reply]

better than a gain! you did great!!! keep it up!!