Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back to Work :(

I have been pretty emotional the last couple of days, as my 12 week maternity leave is ending on Wednesday morning as I head back to work, it is not that I do not like my job and I enjoy doing what I do, but seriously my heart tells me that spending my time with Hadley is the most important job I have ever done. Financially we can't have me stay home and I am fine with that, I know that she is going to enjoy time away from me and also she is going to be getting the best care around, my husband and her 2 grandmas! How lucky is sweet little Hadley?

So mommies, how did you cope with going back to work?
Any suggestions on things I need to have when I go back?
Also, did you have set a routine with your baby before you headed back?
If you are breastfeeding, did you notice a supply loss?
How often did you pump 2 times or more, I work 8-4 so I was planning on pumping 2 times throughout the day and then nursing her when I get home from work.

Hopefully I can also get back into blogging again, but watch out, I am sure all the posts will be about Hadley! I am working on my birth story and also working on how I did with my Diabetes while I was pregnant!

Again, any suggestions to help with going back to work are greatly appreciated! Of course here are a couple new pictures of our sweet baby Hadley!

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hadley - 2 months old

How is it possible our sweet baby Hadley is already 2 months old where have the last 2 months gone! I am so sad, I only have 3 weeks left of maternity leave with her and it is breaking my heart that I have to leave her and go to work! How do you working moms do it, any suggestions are welcome and needed as I start the journey back to work :( I am sure I will be crying for at least the first week haha!

You have changed our lives for the best and we can't wait to watch you become your own person, but please slow down! I love your baby stage and don't' want to miss anything and I want to cherish all the squeals and coos you have for us!

Clothes: You are wearing mostly 3 months and some 3-6 months clothes we have almost 2 small boxes full of stuff you have outgrown! I am so sad to look at those sweet little clothes and know you will never wear those again! Some lucky little person will get those someday!

Health: You are a great eater and at Mommy and Me class you weighed 11 pounds 7 ounces but that was a week and a half ago, we have your 2 month appointment tomorrow, so we shall see how long and how much you weigh! I am so sad to watch you have your shots, even though I do it every day it is going to be different to see your sweet little body hurt from them :(

Diet:   You eat around every 4-5 hours during the day and you have been going around 6 hours in the night, you are strictly breastfed at this point, we do give you one bottle of breast milk a day, your daddy feeds you because mommy pumps while he does that, I feel like I am losing some of my supply, any suggestions on keeping it up while I go back to work! I want to get Hadley through the middle or March before I have to supplement with formula if we can help it!

Sleep:  You sleep around 90 minutes to 2 hours at nap time and you also sleep around 6-7 hours at night, we are awake more and more during the day I just love to watch you move and shake and also have conversations with you! You are one sweet baby!

Baby Gear:  right now you love your baby mirror, which you love to look at while laying on the floor, you love your swing, rattles, you still love your crib, car seat and also you are starting to like your Ergo carrier which helps mommy, but it is still a little awkward, maybe we just haven't figured it out yet!

Likes:  Baths, laying on your back looking in the mirror, swinging, snuggle time with mommy and daddy, rocking in your rocker, your sister Macy, feeding time, your crib, pacifiers and also car rides!

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, being hungry and also cold diaper wipes, you also do not like to take your multivitamin with Iron, we will be asking about that at your appointments!

Happy 2 months Hadley! We love you to the moon and back!!

Happy 2 months baby girl! love you so much!

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Macy :)

Macy's 5th Birthday

On Decmember 26th we celebrated our sweet baby Macy's 5th birthday! I still can't believe she is 5 years old already, the time we have had with her have gone so fast, so I can't imagine how fast the time with Hadley is going to go, we thought for 3+ years that Macy was going to be our only baby so we spoiled her ans still continue to spoil her, she gets the same amount of love and attention, it may just be shared with her sweet sister!

Macy is still adjusting to being a big sister she is very protective of Hadley, but when Hadley is crying she comes over to her to see what is going on, but then if Macy is laying my her and Hadley starts moving and Macy gets brushed by her hand or feet, Macy is gone haha! We are taking Hadley's hands and petting Macy with it, so she gets used to her.

We are seriously so happy to have Macy in our lives and love her to the moon and back!

She spent her day laying in the sun, under the heating vent and getting extra treats snuggles and kisses from all of us. She also loved opening her presents! How can you not get special birthday presents for this sweet girl!

Happy Birthday our sweet Macy girl! We love you!

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Hadley!