Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Club Friday and 12 in 2012

Time to link up for Book Club Friday! I feel like this week has taken forever to get over..... Must be the weather, it has been really dreary here lately.

I finished Pick Another Checkout Lane honey, it was a really informative read, plus who doesn't want to learn how to save money and get the goods you need for day to day life!! You should read this if you want the know how of couponing!

Last week i mentioned i was ready Extremely Loud, Incredibly close, but i just could not get into the book, so i have put it down for awhile and i am going to try it again later, maybe if i see the movie, i will have something to look forward too? :)

So i am jumping on the Hunger Games bandwagon and i will be starting that this weekend! I am anxious to start this series, because i have heard so many good things about it. It will be a good weekend to start reading this because we are going to be getting some snow, so i will be staying inside :)

In other news! I just bought Blake Shelton tickets!!! So excited to see him in concert! The concert is in July, so i have a long wait until that times comes!

Also, it is babies babies everywhere, 2 of my co-workers are expecting, my sister in law and my aunt just announced she is expecting too!! I am so excited to see all these little ones!

I told myself this year, i was not going to make a New Years Resolution, because i sometimes fall off the bandwagon and never complete it, so i decided to do 12 goals for 2012, i have seen a lot of people doing this. I know i am about a month behind, but remember it is goals for 2012 :) so here they are!

1. Read and implement Dave Ramsey's money makeover!
2. Complete 12 things off my 101 in 1001 days list
3. Bring my lunch 4 our of 5 days to work!
4. Making something i "pin" off pinterest 1 time a month
5. Re-design my blog, any suggestions???
6. Stick to my cleaning schedule, it makes life so much easier on the weekends!
7. Take more pictures, i use to be really good at capturing things, but the last couple years i have quit and i need to get back into doing that
8. Complete the couch to 5k
9. Add some color to my house, i want to spruce up my kitchen, so if anyone has a great color suggestion for kitchens, please let me know!
10. Volunteer, i want to find something i am passionate about and be able to enjoy giving my time.
11. Complete the 13 week Wellness program offered at work!
12. Sky dive, i have been wanting to do this and hope to get a couple friends to join me :)

So there are my goals, some are not very good, but i love TO DO lists and this list will help me get some of these things done!

Happy Friday! Can't wait to see what you are reading! 

Until next time,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! It seems like it is a Monday to me today... which is not good! Head over to link up with Jamie
I'm Loving:  That i am signing up for Birchbox! I have heard so many thing about this pretty pink box and all the goodies in it that is time to give in and sign up! Do you get birchbox? If so do you love it?

I'm Loving:  That my friend and I are going to The Vow on the 10th! The hubby will also be excited that he doesnt' have to go to a chick flick :) Are you going to see it? Have you read the book?

I'm Loving:  Over at Megan's blog at Mackey Madness, ( i just love her blog!) she wrote about HANAair Professional Hair Dryer, I have been wanting one of these for awhile and after hearing her reviews i want one even more now!! So i am on the hunt to get one! Do you have  great hair dryer?

 I'm Loving:  That i got to see this fly over today while i was coming back from a meeting at work! It was really neat!! President Obama was in town today to talk jobs.

I'm Loving:  The hubby and Macy of course!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Looking forward to the weekend!!

Until next time,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Club Friday

I am happy to be linking up for Book Club Friday again! It is a great way to get some book reviews and find new reads for this winter!
I am actually reading 2 different books, i know it is weird to read 2 different books at the same time, but i started one when i got it and the other is taking me awhile to get into.

1st book
Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Save Big Money & Make the Grocery Aisle your Catwalk

Description from

What if you could save over 70% on your monthly grocery budget and build a stockpile of food at the same time? Don t be a skeptic! Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey will jumpstart your journey to saving $600 per month! If you re interested in the idea but overwhelmed by the logistics, you ll love our step-by-step approach that transforms even the most timid shopper from coupon-shy to coupon-savvy. Authors Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler share their expertise along with hundreds of tried and true coupon tips in a fun, user-friendly format that will have you high-fiving the grocery store cashier in no time.

Now, i don't want to be a Krazy Coupon Lady, i just wanted to learn more about how coupons work and how they get things for cheap and how the process works, i am about 120 pages into this book and i have learned a lot so far, i think as consumers we should be using them, in this book, they talk about the stores are reimbursed for all the coupons that are used. I did my first real "coupon" shopping and i saved some money, not a crazy amount. So i am happy with that and the stuff i bought was stuff we needed and use on a regular basis, i will NEVER clear the shelves or buy stuff that will never get used.

Do you use coupons?

 The 2nd book
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close By: Johnathan Safran
Descritopn from

Jonathan Safran Foer emerged as one of the most original writers of his generation with his best-selling debut novel, Everything Is Illuminated. Now, with humor, tenderness, and awe, he confronts the traumas of our recent history.

Nine-year-old Oskar Schell has embarked on an urgent, secret mission that will take him through the five boroughs of New York. His goal is to find the lock that matches a mysterious key that belonged to his father, who died in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11. This seemingly impossible task will bring Oskar into contact with survivors of all sorts on an exhilarating, affecting, often hilarious, and ultimately healing journey.

I am anxious to read the movie reviews on this book? Do you plan on going to see this movie?

I have had a hard time getting into this book, but i do not like to start a book and not finish... so i am going to try and finish so i can move onto my other books.

Hope you have a great Friday, we had our first snow storm yesterday which in Iowa it is hard to believe usually by January 12th, we have around 14 inches of snow already! We also had some record breaking temperatures last week, one day was in the low 60's and another day was in the high 50's. The weather has been crazy! I hope you are staying warm or enjoying your spring like weather!

Until next time,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

HELP! Purses and Vacation

Ladies and Gents-

This lady is desperate need of a new purse/handbag and a work bag, i have been searching every store and outlets for something that will be perfect, but no luck so far, so i am in need of your help!

I am someone who carries lots of stuff with me in my purse, so i need something on the large side here is my current handbag that needs to be retired! I have been using it for about 2.5 years  and i LOVE it, but i am ready for something new!

Do any of you have the perfect handbag or work bag that you would recommend? Please send suggestions my way, with where you got it and if you have the website link that is even better :)

We also have narrowed some Vacation spots down to the following 3 locations, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Riviera Maya or Antigua. I have a few resorts that we like, but i am wanting first hand reviews, if you have been to any resorts at the above locations, and loved or hated them, PLEASE help me and give me a review!


Punta Cana

Riviera maya
How could it possibly be bad to be at any of these beaches or waters!

Thank you!

Until next time,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! Today is going to be the last day for us with no snow, we are going into a Winter Weather Advisory tonight at p.m. We are not going to get a ton of snow, but just enough to cover the ground, i am anxious to see if it sticks at all, we have been having record heat this month, 2 days in the 60's! That is crazy talk for Iowa :)

I'm Loving:  I really do enjoy the first snowfall of the season, it is usually so pretty sticking to the trees and glistening snow in the open fields :)
I'm Loving:  My Ugg slippers i got for Christmas! I have not really been able to use them because of the mild weather we have been having, but i am sure after the snow and wind expected tonight i will be using them daily until Spring comes :)

I'm Loving:  Looking at DSLR cameras, i love to take pictures and since we are planning a trip i am hoping to get one before we take off :) I also want to have it around to take LOTS of pictures of our niece or nephew and of course Lily!! Do you have  DSLR? What do you love or hate about yours? I am thinking about the Nikon D5100.
I'm Loving:  That i got this cute tree as a gift as well, i am very excited to decorate it for all the seasons! I already have my Valentines ornaments waiting to decorate the tree, but i am in need of some tree skirts for the tree, so i am in the search of a sewing machine as well, i want something that a beginner can use but can also do a little more than just small jobs...... So if you have any suggestions on sewing machines, i would love to have them! I am currently looking at these 2. 
These are the 2 sewing machines i am looking at: I am trying to find some that the local stores where i live have them so i can see them before i purchase it.

Image & Details
Image & Details
I'm Loving: All the music and Apps i have added to my Ipod lately! I am hoping the Cell phone company we use will he carrying the I phone here shortly, so i am hoping my trusty Blackberry holds up for a couple more months until the new phones arrive! If you have a great phone that is not an IPhone i would love to hear about it, i need it to have great functions, because i use it for work as well.

I'm Loving:  These 2 of course, this is the last week before Joe goes back to school, so Macy and I have been taking advantage of having him at home, but the GREAT news is starting in February he will have weekends off!! I am so happy he has been working 8 years and having different days off and now he will have Friday and Saturdays, which is great because that means we can spend more time together!!
 I am also getting close to my giveaway time, so i would love to have new followers and share the love! I am 11 followers away from my 1st giveaway!! Love to you all :)

 Until next time,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's that time of the week to link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday
It is hard to believe it is already 2012! 2011 went by fast as i am sure 2012 will as well! I have been very blessed and have a lot to be thankful for in 2011 and i am looking forward to what 2012 is going to bring!
I'm Loving:  That i got to catch up with one of my sweet friends Joni, it has been too long since we had chatted and we talked for about 2 hours! She just got engaged and is planning a destination wedding, i am over the moon thrilled for her :)
I'm Loving:  That the hubby and i are looking  to take a vacation, we are just starting to look at locations and trying to figure out when we can go with his busy schedule and also where and what we want to do. Any vacation spots you have been to you that you just loved? any recommendations, either domestic or international?  This is what i am thinking :) The beach!
I'm Loving:  That it is a short week, after having almost 2 weeks off it is hard to get back into a routine! So having a 4 day work week is gong to be nice!

I'm Loving: That i had my first massage last night and it was amazing i am not sure why i waited so long to every get one! Do you you get massages? If so, how often?


I'm Loving: That


Sweet Girl


I am thrilled beyond words!! They told us the day after my birthday (Novemeber1st) and i have to say it was the best birthday present i could ask for! Our next little niece/nephew will be arriving sometime in early to mid July!

I'm Loving:  Of course the loves of my life, the hubby and fur baby!

Can't wait to see what your loving today!

Until next time,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas and Happy Birthday Macy! Whew....

*Be prepared, picture overload! Sorry :) Hope you enjoy!*

We had a wonderful Christmas and i am not quite ready to head back to work tomorrow (Tuesday) after having almost 2 weeks off :) I got lots accomplished over my break while spending time with my loved ones!
We spent Christmas Eve with my family in my hometown, it was so much fun to watch Lily open everyone's presents including her own, she got very excited to open boxes, she would say "wow box" :) We got her a Melissa and Doug easel, Melissa and Doug cupcake set, Under Armour sweatshirt and some coloring books, she seems to like them all :)

Here are a couple of pictures from that day :)

Dora is her favorite so we wrapped all her presents in Dora paper, this is her easel and as you can tell she was hugging  it because she loved it :)

 She is just so funny, she loves the bows and was taking them all all day until we opened presents, isn't she the cutest?
We always try and take pictures on Christmas and we wanted one with Lily and people were making funny faces, so she started to do it too and i just love this picture!! (excuse the nastiness of my closed eyes! )

Do you have any family traditions you do every year? or did you start any new traditions this year? If so what are they?

On Christmas Day we went to my in laws for Christmas, we had a very nice day of good food, snacks and playing games! :)

Here are a few pictures of some of the gift opening there! I was really bad and didn't take any pictures of all of us or of the game playing!
Of course Macy has a stocking at Grandma and Grandpa Adams house, so she was very happy to open it. 

She also got a princess Chihuahua ornament to hang on our tree, because she is a tad spoiled ;)

My father in law opening a new drill!

 My sister in law opening a gift from us that she picked out while we were shopping, aren't those the best gifts to buy? You know they are going to love them!
My brother in law and hubby opening some new tools!

Finally here is Macy opening her presents and stockings from Santa :)

Santa brought her a car seat and she loves it, she can see out the window and of course we put one of her favorite blankies in there! 

She loved her treats she got some homemade truffles from the Woofables Gourmet Dog Bakery, a flossie and a new toy!

Our sweet fur baby had a birthday on December 26th, blogger was not working for me that day so i was not able to do a post about her big day! So here is a belated birthday post to the best Fur baby around! WE LOVE YOU MACY! She turned 3, so now she is legal to drink :) We bought her a new sweater and she also got a gourmet dog cake from Woofables!  Do you have a dog bakery where you live? If so do you get things from there?
 Happy Birthday Macy! WE love you!!

She loved her Birthday bone!

Her dad thought it would be funny to take a picture of her with the Captain Morgan bottle, it is funny that i caught her in a moment of licking :) 

Her new sweater :)
*Hope you stayed with me through this picture loaded post! Hope to blog more in 2012! :) *

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is starting 2012 off on the right foot, we are looking forward to 2012 and looking forward to what is to come!! 

Until next time,