Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring time/ breaking a habit :)

For everyone who knows me, knows i have always been a nail biter, you would think since i am a germaphobe and into health, i would not do this, i have tried many times to quit and i have been going strong now for about 5 day!! :) I know i know not a big deal, but for me it is, i will keep everyone posted on how kicking this "nervous habit" is going, it might take awhile i have been doing it for 20+ years! :)

Been busy at home digging up the bushes in the front of the house and then once those are done, i have mulch to remove and then the FLOWERS are going to get planted :) We are also going to paint the foundation, it is a PINK color right now :) and i know how much i love pink but i don't think i want to have it on my house, then comes the sanding and painting of the garage door! We were really hoping to get a new one this spring but i think we are going to wait until the time is right to replace it. I will post a before and after picture of the house with no bushes and flowers and the ugly painted foundation and to the new and refreshed one, once we are done.... don't get your hopes up, i still haven't posted pictures of the house... maybe one of these days!!

Joe is enjoying keeping the yard free of weeds and mowing... we need to get a few things for him so he can have everything he needs to keep the yard in tip top shape!

I am starting to carry my camera around again, i want to get better about taking and capturing the memories we make!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Early morning

Monday morning Macy woke up at 4:00 a.m. and wanted to come lay in bed with us, after about 20 minutes she started to scratch and move around so we turned the light on to see her pretty little face VERY swollen her eyes were barely open and we were scared to death, we had no idea what was wrong with her. We called our vet to get the emergency number, we took her to the emergency vet and they think she is allergic to something or she ate a bug and it made her face swell... Poor little girl, she got a couple shots and 2 hours later she was on her way home with us, she has been very clingy and restless the last 2 days but she is getting better. I wish i had taken pictures of her little swollen face, but i rushed out the door and didn't even think about it. We have to take her in back to the Vet if anymore swelling appears, they think she could also have some allergies...