Friday, August 24, 2012


On my to-do list everyday i write that i need to blog, but it just does not seem to get crossed of my list :(

So what have i been up to lately, i feel like i have been more than busy with work life and home life! On August 10th, Joe and I headed the to the Iowa State Fair, we go every year and usually it is over 100 degrees and this year believe it or not when we first got there we almost needed a sweatshirt! I know a SWEATSHIRT! Believe it, it was only 59 degrees that morning! With the weather being much cooler this year the fair saw the second highest admission to the fair for 10 days with 1,097, 142 people passing through the gates!

We had a wonderful time eating, watching all the people, seeing all the sights, along with the butter cow and this year they had snow white and the 7 dwarfs so cool!

How is the state fair where you live? Every year we attend and really have a great time! I saw this "pin" a few months back and decided i wanted to try it out with Joe :)
I am hoping to add a tab at the top of my blog to add all the pictures we take, i am also looking for a redesign of my blog, any suggestions of places to look, or people who do that? :)

Besides the fair, i went to the see the movie "The odd life of Timothy Green" on Wednesday and let me tell you.... it is the sweetest movie i have seen in a while i recommend going! I was of course tearful at the end!


We have also been busy doing a few projects around the house... i swear the never end, but we really enjoy them and love the way they look in the end!

So has been busy putting a railing up on our stairs in the front of the house, so here is the stair railings, now we are just waiting to do the railing by the front door, when my brother is in town to help :)

Here is the before

Here is the after with the new railing.

Well i think that is enough rambling for today! I hope everyone has a great Friday! I am also hoping to be back with more updates and also the reveal of our kitchen and basement!

Until next time,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A day at the Zoo.

I know you think i am crazy a lady in her late 20's has never been to a zoo, but believe it my friends i have never been until now.......

On Saturday August 4th, i went to the Brookfield zoo in Brookfield Illinois, if you have never been it is a great place to go, it is super clean and very fun! It was really HOT the day we went so the Lions, tigers and bears were not out.... but on our way home from the zoo, it rained really hard and by the time the rain had passed it was 70 outside!  A 30 degree temperature drop in less than an hour! We embraced the cooler weather on Sunday, as it got hot again yesterday.

So with this adventure to the zoo i am crossing # 50 off on my 101 things in 1001 days list! So with that said here are a few pictures of my day at the zoo.

It was so cute to see all the kids say "look mom there is Nemo and Dorey :) Ok, i said that too HAHA!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! I am off to the Iowa State Fair tomorrow! Check out our state fair here.

Until next time,