Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tail Waggin Tuesday Vol 8

Linking up with CMAE again for Tail Waggin Tuesday

This Tuesday she wants us to post a video of our pets! I have LOTS of videos of Macy, but I can't get one to load this early in the morning, so i am going to give you link to the video i like that is posted on YouTube :)


Hopefully you will enjoy how sweet Macy is :)

I have also decided to add a couple pictures of her just because i love her so much!!

Helping Mommy plant flowers :) It is exhausting :)

Here she is VERY happy to have her beloved treat a Flossie :)
 Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Until next time,


Taryn said... [Reply]

Aww, Macy is adorable!! Found you on Cmae's Tail Wagging Tuesday meme! :-)

Rebecca said... [Reply]

She is too precious! Cute video :)

Amanda said... [Reply]

Thanks for your comment, it's a tough situation no matter where you work! Cute pup she's so tiny!!! :)

CMae said... [Reply]

So cute!!! Thanks for linking up!