Monday, May 2, 2011


Can it really be MONDAY already? We had a busy weekend! Joe was the Best Man in a wedding on Sunday, it was a beautiful day even with the wind! Joe got sun burnt and so did the bride and a few other guys in the wedding! :) Congrats to Nick and Jess!

Joe was so nervous about giving his speech, he kept it a secret and told me to stay out of the office as he wrote what he was going to say, he did a great job and i was very proud of him, he is such a good man, i just love him! I did not take a single picture of us together at the wedding, i am really bad at asking people to take my picture and take pictures of us, i need to get better at it!

I love weddings! We are getting to the end of the busy summers with many weddings, we have now moved onto everyone having babies! It is so fun to watch your best friends become a mommy or daddy!

Next weekend is Mother's day and I am excited to spend some time with my mom and mother in law, i need to do my shopping for flowers for the house this weekend, so I will be setting some time aside for that on Saturday morning! What kind of flowers do you plant that you just love? We will also be buying a new mower this weekend, we have been needing a new one for over a year now, so Joe has one all picked out we just need to go and buy the thing! They are kind of expensive so I hate spending the money on it, but we need it! I am just glad our yard is not too big so we didn't need to buy a riding lawn mower! Maybe with this new mower i will be able to mow the yard?! :)

I have been trying to complete as many items off my 101 things in 1001 days list so i can throw some money into my savings account so I can buy the Nixon 5100!! I am so excited about and it and hope to purchase it soon! I told the hubby that if i lost X amount of weight he could be buy me this too! HAHA! Do you have something you are saving for?

I also need to get my house in spring mode, i need to take down Easter decor and get everything cleaned and dusted off for the warmer months! I am excited to start planning for my garage sale, my mom and I are doing one together, so hopefully we will get rid of lots of things and also after the garage sale, we are packing up the back of the truck and taking everything to good will!

I thought i would leave you with a picture of Macy and her Easter Basket, isn't she just the sweetest little dog you have ever seen? (i might be a bit biased) :)

Hope you are having a great Monday and hope you had a great Weekend! I also just want to give a big thanks to all our troops you have fought are fighting and will fight for our country!

Until next time,


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said... [Reply]

Wow, this post is packed! :)

The wedding looks beautiful - I love them, too!

The camera looks nice. I'm hoping to get a Garmin GPS watch for running. I've been seriously hinting (okay - maybe asking) for one for Mother's Day!

I also need to "Spring Clean", but since we are moving in about three weeks, I guess everything will get cleaned up and out then!

Have a great day!