Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie, for What I'm Loving Wednesday. What  beautiful day we are having!! Spring is here to stay i think! :)

I'm Loving:  The Life Factory Flip Top Water bottles, well let's me honest i love all water bottles, i have a slight problem with buying them.... :)

I'm Loving: Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle cream, i have quit biting my nails but my cuticles are still dry and also seem to get irritated easily, so i have been using this and it is great!!


I'm Loving:  I wanted to organize my spices that i have, but i just couldn't not figure out a way to do it, so i was in Bed Bath and Beyond and they had these Swivel Store Sliding Cabinet Organizer, haha, i thought i am going to try those and believe it or not, they actually work pretty good and have really cleaned up my cupboard!


I'm Loving: The app Draw Something! If you are not using it, yet you should i am a terrible drawer, but i still love it, you can find me at Username MelAA82!
I'm Loving:  These TOMS, i want them but they are sold out everywhere i have looked in my size... So i am hopeful i can come across them somewhere!! Have you seen them anywhere?

I'm Loving:  These sweet shirts i got for my niece Lily and her soon to be sister! Can't wait to see them wearing them! :)

Of course i am loving my sweet husband and sweet fur baby Macy!! Can't wait until her appointment on Friday to hear how well she is healing and get her back into a routine :)

Happy Wednesday!

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tail Waggin Tuesday

I know Macy gets talked about a lot on my blog, but how can you not love that sweet face of hers :) Hope you enjoy some pictures of her :) Jump over to CMae's blog and link up for her Tail Waggin Tuesday

This Tuesday Editions is share your favorite Instagram photos, so here is photo overload with a few pictures of our sweet Macy :)

 This was the day we got Macy, look at how small she was :) SO sweet!!!

We have a bad habit on our hands, a couple years ago, i was doing some work at home and had a glass of water and she stuck her head in there and started drinking, unfortunately, she still does this, of course with water only!
 Here she in her bike trailer! She loves to go on bike rides, she happy that the weather is getting nice, so she is able to ride :) Yes, people look at us funny when they realize we are pulling a dog and not a kid, haha!

This is one her favorite spots to lay, in the rug in front of the heating vent... she is silly!

 She loves to go on Sunday drives! usually Joe and I take her together that way she can see out the window! Spoiled much??

 Doing her 2 favorite things, laying in the sun and chewing on her flossies!

 So sweet!! <3

 I just think she looks so cute here! Again, how can you not love that face!

I know i have bored you with 2 posts on this sweet little girl, but she is loved very much that is for sure!!

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Until next time,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Macy's surgery and other

This past week, we had lots going on. Wedensday we dropped of our sweet fur baby Macy to our beloved Vet for her to have her double knee surgery. Also, that day 3 years ago we gave Macy her forever home!

On March 15, 2009, i recieved a phone call no one wants to get, we lost a great guy and friend that day. Burns was the funniest and most life loving person i knew. I think about him all the time and miss his smile and laughter, i know he is watching us all and celebrating his life. His birthday was March 17 so we know he was celebrating and he gave us the most amazing weather to do so.

Macy was picked up from the Vet on March 15th at around 5:00, that poor girl had a cone on her head and she was anxious to see us, i was SO happy to have her back in my arms, after paying the painful vet bill :) we went home and she was not very happy she was whiney and i know she was in pain, we snuggled with her for 2 days and finally she calmed down and we were able to get some sleep. Here are some pictures of her the first day or 2.
We had to buy a pack and play for Macy to have as her home for the first 14 days after surgery, she doesn't mind being in it too much, it is nice because we can wheel her from place to place and she can also see us when we are sitting in the room.
 Poor little girl hates the cone, but she was not very good and was licking her incisions, after the first 2 days we were able to take the cone off, if you ask her to stop licking, and she doesn't we say "do you want the cone?" haha and she stops, she is so smart :)

 This was the first day we brought her home, her poor bruised and swollen legs...
 Day 2, she was much happier and more alert this day!

On Friday March 30th, we have her 2 week post op appointment and we will also start rehab with her :) I think she is ready to run and play in the backyard, she has been sad to come inside after she does potty outside.

In other news, Joe and I are going to be blessed with another.......................

Niece come July! Lily is excited to have a baby sister, check out these sweet shirts i bought them :) We are so excited to have another niece to love and spoil :)

We are having wonderful weather, yesterday we spent the day mowing and cleaning the yard, well i didnt' mow, but i pulled weeds :) My hostas and lillies are starting to grow so Spring is coming!!

Until next time,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forever Home

On this day 3 years ago, we adopted the sweetest 4 legged baby! Macy was 1 pound 2 ounces the day we brought her home! Such a little pumpkin! It was instant love as soon as she licked my face :) Joe had wanted to get a dog since the day we said I Do, i on the other hand was unsure of having a pet, i didn't have many pets growing up and when we did have dogs, they were outside dogs. So i said lets talk about it later :)

Macy stole my heart right away, she snuggled right in and gave me many licks on my cheek, i knew she was going home with us!! How can you say no to such a sweet face!

Here are a few pictures of the day we brought her home

Today, we took Macy to the vet to have double luxating patella surgery, small breed dogs are known to have the problem with their knees, so she is going to have about a 6 week recovery. We will be spoiling her and giving her lots of kisses. I am also going to be trying some hydro therapy with her after her 2 week post op appointment.

The Vet we go to is wonderful and they will spoil her and take wonderful care of her, a specialist is coming in to do the surgery and their is another dog having knee surgery as well, but still this mommy is nervous for her fur baby! She will be staying over night at the vet tonight, i am going to stop and see her tonight and then i have some stuff to do at home to get the house ready for her :)

We Love you Macy!!!

Until next time,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad blogger and some updates!

I am sorry to everyone for my lacking in blogging. I have been super busy with work and when i get home i feel like i can't get caught up! I promise to be better, so please stick with me! :) I am finally feeling caught up and i am happy that is the case, because check out the weather we are going to get this week in Iowa! all i can say is AMAZING!!! :)
This is weather we would normally see in May, not March!
We have been busy getting our kitchen cabinets ready for resurfacing and we are also finally starting to get things going in our basement to get that finished! It only took us 3 years of living there..... the time flies by! I have taken the before pictures and will be updating as we get started! Stay tuned for more in the upcoming month!

We are also preparing to send Macy off to have surgery... poor baby  has luxating patellas and has to have double knee surgery on Wednesday March 14th, that is also the day we gave her, her forever home 3 years ago, so i am a nervous wreck and i am taking some time off work to spend with her so she can recover and get better, it is going to be a long recovery for our sweet fur baby, so please say some prayers for her to have a speedy and healthy recovery! I will blog more about her recovery and her surgery after Wednesday.
 One last update for the day, we are over the moon thrilled to say that we are going to be blessed with another niece come July! Lily is thrilled to be getting a baby sister! I am happy to have 2 healthy  nieces to spoil rotten!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and is going to enjoy the extra sunshine tonight after work!!

Until next time,