Saturday, May 29, 2010


So since i have been laid off, i have really hit my bookshelf to read the books i have bought over the years and never gotten a chance to read, i have read right around 15 books and yes i have started the Twilight series which i can't get into, but i am going to finish them so i can keep up with all Twilight lingo :) I have also read 2 books from Kristin Hannah, her books are great, they are easy reads but make sure you have some Kleenex available :) I would recommend reading Firefly Lane. I am looking for more books to get a half price book store or at the Marion Library, after the twilight series i have one more book to finish before my collection at home is done, I am going to read the Shack, any thoughts on reading this one?

If you have any great suggestions for summer reading, please let me know!! If you owe it i would love to borrow it!! Have a safe and great Memorial Day weekend!! What are you doing on your long weekend?