Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! & Happy Birthdays!!

We hope everyone had a great New Years! We didn't do too much, we played Wii and ate too much at home this year. We said we were going to go out, but decided to stay in it was too cold :) I have quite the list for New Years resolutions, Joe told me he is not going to make any :) I told him to do at least one, i will share a few of mine with you ( the ones i think i can keep :))
1. Quit biting my nails, you would think for the germ phobia that i have i would not do this YUCK!)
2. I am going to read the 365 day bible.
3. Take better care of myself, exercise, take Macy for more walks and do something for myself at least once a month. (haha, i am looking forward to the last part, mani/pedi :))
I have a few more but i am going to keep those to myself in case i don't stick to them :)

We also celebrated Macy's first birthday on December 26th, she was a very good girl and got a few new toys and had a birthday treat!! :) We love her so much and can't imagine what we would do without her wagging tail and beautiful little eyes welcoming us home every day!! We look forward to many many more years with her! <3

We also celebrated my brother Jason's 30th birthday, it is hard to believe he is 30 and a new DADDY!! I posted a picture of Jason and me from our (Joe and I) wedding in 2007.

I also cut all my hair off and you can check it out in the pictures i posted with Macy and I and Joe and Macy on her birthday, she is a bit spoiled but we can't help it :)

We hope and pray that everyone has a healthy, happy and blessed 2010!! We will be adding our before and after pictures of the house very soon!! Stay tuned!