Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Days off and new photo of the niece :0

Well it is my first week off since getting laid off from work, today is day 3 i have applied for many jobs (keep your fingers crossed) i have cleaned my car, done laundry, scrubbed the bathroom floors, picked up Macy's presents in the backyard :), took the pop cans back and i am took somethings to the city dump... Tomorrow i have many more things to check off my list, i think i am going to have everything done by the end of the week.... well everything i can do inside, i have a LARGE to-do list on the outside of the house, but i have to keep waiting for the snow to melt :)

Enough about all the exciting stuff going on!! Joe has been sick this week so i am glad to be home with him, he should be heading back to work tomorrow.. So i have been busy cleaning and Clorox wiping down everything he touches.... I hope i stay healthy so i can see my niece Lily soon :) i have attached the newest photo of her, she has found her thumb :0 I hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the sunshine!! :)