Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Job and other news!

I have been absent from my blogging lately and i apologize, hopefully i will catch up with our Summer vacation this week :)

This has been a big week for us here in the Adams household, a year ago today the offer on our first home was ACCEPTED!! We couldn't be happier in our home. I was also offered and accepted a new JOB today, it has been a long awaited joy for me :) I was laid off from the Multiple Sclerosis Society 6 months ago, so i am eager to get back to work, i will be starting my new position with the Muscular Dystrophy Association on September 27th, as the Health Care Services Coordinator, i am very excited about this opportunity! (i know i went from MS to MDA, it will be confusing for awhile i am sure :))

Joe has decided to go back to school this fall, he was nervous about starting but now he is happy with his choice and very excited about it, he is perfect little student, he studies and does all his homework, i am so proud of him :) He has a few years until he is done, but it will be great once he is Graduated!!

Lily is almost 10 months old it is hard to believe our little niece is going to be a year old this November, she is so cute. She is saying DaDa, MaMa, Hi and Bye and she is waving it is too fun, she is also taking about 3 to 4 steps on her own, i am sure by the next time we see her she will be running :)

As for Macy she is still as beautiful as ever :) She is loving that is cooling down so we can go for more walks and she is as spoiled as ever, i don't think she is going to like it when i go back to work :)

That is all for now, i am going to be posting more in the next week and hoping to have more pictures and updates from our trip to PA and to the Chicagoland Speedway!!!