Sunday, March 21, 2010

Premier Designs Jeweler

I have decided to become a Premier Designs Jeweler, it is a home based party company with great hostess benefits, i miss the world of jewelry and thought this would be a fun and exciting way to get back into it, i am looking for people to hold parties for me, it would be greatly appreciated and you would get some great jewelry for FREE, what more can you want, you get 30% of the shows total in FREE jewelry the average shows free jewelry amount is 150 and the average piece of jewelry is 30 dollars so that means 5 items, plus you get a chance to get $25 more in free jewelry for each of the following items; having the show on the original scheduled date; having $100 in outside orders; having 10 or more adults (buying or not buying) at your show and last getting 3 or more of your friends to have a show with me!!

I would appreciate anyone having a party for me! if you have one in April it is double bonus month, so instead of $ 25 for each item it is $50 for each which means more FREE Jewelry!

Let me know via email at