Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Can it really be Wednesday already? :)

Of course i am linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday! It feels like this is sometimes all the blogging i do in one week!

I'm Loving:  Vacation days!! I dont' know what i would do without my vacation days! We were suppose to head to Wisconsin Dells for a couple days but things didn't work out, the hubs couldn't miss class the second week of class, so we decided to have a stay cation and did a few things around the house including a little deep cleaning :)
I'm Loving: That I am getting my hair cut this weekend! I am in desperate need for a cut, color and a new style! My hair use to be long and about a year after we were married i cut it off above my shoulders, so i am slowly growing it back out! Any recommendations for a cute cut for curly hair :( ?

I'm Loving:  That in 3 days from today the kickoff to Iowa Hawkeye football is starting!! Can't wait, i know most of you have heard of this story, which breaks my heart, well that dog might possibly be leading the football team onto the field this weekend, which will honor all fallen soldiers and our troops, i think it will be a neat tribute if they do it.

I'm Loving: That i am getting an attachment to Macy's bike trailer to make it a stroller so we can take her on longer walks now! She loves to be outside and go on walks but her little legs can only go so far!
Just like hers but not red :)
I'm Loving:  All the dress coats, i have been seeing! I am excited to get a new one for this winter season, I love summer and fall but i love coats :) Have you seen any that you love?

I'm Loving: My sweet and loving husband and loving little fur baby!
Can't wait to see what you are loving today!

Happy Wednesday!

Until next time,


Katie said... [Reply]

Girl, I am so ready to use some vacation days... I am going to myrtle beach in 4 days... they can not come fast enough! and omg I bought a new dress coat from Jcrew back in teh spring and I have been dying to wear it! I cant wait to see what you find for this season!