Friday, August 5, 2011

Lily and the Kennel!

I love to hear great news from friends!! I will not share the news yet, but soon!

My brother, sister in law and niece were in town for the week, and Lily got to spend a couple days at Grandma and Grandpas while her Mom and Dad went on a getaway! She is too funny, on Monday Joe, Macy and I went to town to see her and my family. She was a busy lady, eating sweet corn, and wanting to swim! I was trying to teach her how to swim, but it was not working too well :) Right before we were getting ready to leave Lily decided she wanted to climb into Macy's kennel and lay down! Macy was getting  a bit frustrated thinking "why is this person sleeping in my space" :( My mom and I were cracking up laughing at her! Below are a few pictures of her in the kennel, she was also trying to shut the door but her legs were getting in the way!

We love spending time with her! She makes us laugh that is for sure, she is also almost saying every one's name except mine.... she even says Macy's name except it is "Mace" :) I guess she is saving the best for last :))

Joe and I have been busy bees lately, he is ready for a small break from school he will have 2 weeks in between his summer session and fall session and i am ready to spend a couple days with him :) We will be heading to Wisconsin Dells at the end of the month with another couple that we are friends with, it will be a good time and we are looking forward to spending time on the lake and relaxing, any suggestions of things to do there or places to eat while we are there? We are also trying to find something to do for our Anniversary in September, but the 2 places i have looked at are having events the same weekend as our anniversary so all hotels are booked :( We wanted to go to Galena or Chicago, but both look to be booked, any suggestions of nice places in the Midwest? :)

We finally got a break from the heat the past couple days, we are also looking really nice for the next week, check out 7 day forecast :)

It is a much needed cool down, i have been staying inside every night i get home from work and doing stuff inside to avoid going out in the 100+ degree weather! What have you been doing to stay cool? I kind of felt like i was hibernating :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I would love new followers, so if you love enjoy reading about my boring little life here, take a seat and enjoy the ride :)

Until next time,