Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

Linking up with CMAE for Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Today's topic is: Share any photos of your pets old or new.

I am just posting some pictures of our little Macy girl doing what she does best!

Macy just loves this blanket she runs for it, when she sees me get it out! :)

 Enjoying the sun! How can you not love that cute little face?

Her favorite place to be when the weather turns cool, she wants me to turn on the little electric heater i use for her after she gets a bath :)

Her new favorite summer treat, to go for bike rides!!

Spoiled is her middle name! We love her!

Can't wait to see all your fur babies! We adore our little Macy and couldn't imagine life without her!

Until next time,


Rebecca said... [Reply]

So cute! My furbabes love to go out and "sun" like that! Love all your pictures!!

Gabriella said... [Reply]

Love the stroller! Great pictures!

Ashley said... [Reply]

Macy is simply precious. :)

I love that stroller for biking! Does Macy like it? I thought about getting one and thought Milo would HATE it. He loves to go on walks, just loves it so I feel too guilty when we want to ride our bikes because he can't go.