Friday, August 12, 2011

The day i said YES :)

I have not posted much on our wedding or love story :) So i thought i would start!

5 years ago today, he asked and she said YES! Joe has never been one to keep secrets, he has to wait until the last minute to buy gifts or give them to you right away! It is funny and cute, so when he asked me to marry him i was completely caught off guard, i always thought i would know when he was going to ask because i thought he would be nervous and giddy, boy was i wrong, haha!

Joe proposed to me at my 5 year class reunion, we had spent the weekend away and i think he had wanted to do it then, but he said there was never the perfect moment :) The funny thing was that he had told a few people he was going to do it and nobody said anything to me and i didn't pick up any subtle hints either, i must have been to excited about seeing all my classmates :)

We decided to take a walk along the river by the golf course because they had just put in a walk way, so we were walking and enjoying the nice night when Joe stopped talking and i turn around and there he is down on one knee, and told me to come over... He then proceeded to ask for my hand in marriage, i was so surprised that i said "are you serious" (how romantic huh?:)) Of course i said yes and as we were walking back of course everyone knew by then and they were waiting and excited for us! I have the best class and group of friends!!
 Here is a picture of us shortly after he asked! Sorry for terrible picture i couldn't find the file on my computer :(

Sorry for the terrible picture, i had to scan this in :)
So after August 12, 2006 let the fun begin! We didn't start planning right away it took about a month or so for it to really sink in that we were getting married! We couldn't have been happier. So we set the date for September 22, 2007 and begin planning away, things were pretty easy going, except dress shopping.... it seemed to take me forever to find the perfect dress, my poor mother and sister, i think we went to about 50 shops!

I couldn't be happier to be married to my best friend! That day 5 years ago changed my life and i couldn't have asked a better partner to share my life with! Love you Joe!!!

More to come... have to start small right!

Thanks to all my wonderful  followers for sticking by me while i get a hang of this whole blog thing :) Your the best!!

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Ashley said... [Reply]

Yay! I love proposal stories! Your's is so sweet! And like you.. I wasn't expecting mine either. I will have to post mine sometime!