Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This week is bittersweet

2 years ago on March 14th we adopted and gave our little Macy a forever home!! We love her so much and hope she is as happy as we are, we could not have asked for a more sweet dog! She is more spoiled today then she was the day we brought her home. She was 1.5 pounds on the day we brought her home and a week ago at her yearly checkup she was 4.8 pounds!! She has lived in 2 different homes and has done fantastic with potty training ( we do not plan on moving again for AWHILE) She has also gained a cousin who loves to “open” and “close” the door on Macy’s kennel while she is inside :) We think it is cute, but I am not so sure Macy does! She is loved by everyone in the family, sometimes I think some of our family members would rather see her then us ;)

Macy doing what she loves most, laying in her bed, with a little heater just for her :)

2 years ago on March 15th, we received devastating news that a good friend of ours had been killed in a motorcycle accident, my heart was broken and is still broken today as today is here. His birthday was St. Patty’s day and he LOVED life, I miss him dearly as does the entire community, a day does not go by that I don’t think about him, he was full of life and lived everyday to the fullest, we will be having our 10 year class reunion this summer and it won’t be the same without his smiling face. He holds a special place in our hearts.
The husband and I had a busy weekend of Spring cleaning, he is on spring break from school, but still has work, so he was excited to have some FREE time! I am sure he will be busier this week then he is during a “normal” week!
I have also been busy collecting recipes, so I can make things with my new Kitchen Aid Mixer :) I am also taking any suggestions or recipes you would like to share! I have also been in a rut with dinner ideas, so I would love some suggestions!! I have also been busy planning some stops for my sister and I as we road trip to visit our brother, sister in law and niece in the Chicago area in a couple weeks! Can't wait to see them and do a little Spring shopping :)
Hope everyone has a safe and fun St. Patty's day!
Until next time,