Monday, August 12, 2013

Bumpdate- 27 weeks


27 weeks: Your baby is as hefty as a head of cauliflower, weighing in at almost 2 pounds. (Length: about 14 1/2 inches.)

Maternity Clothes Maternity clothes and maxi dresses are my favorite right now, I am still able to wear most of my pre pregnancy work tops and some tank tops just because they are longer! Only a few more weeks to go!

Stretch Marks
I still do not have any, still using Palmer's every night so i am hoping to keep them away!

 She is still very busy! She can tell when sweet Macy lays on my belly because she then really moves to tell her sister how much she loves her and can't wait to meet her in less than 11 weeks!! :)

Food cravings
Still enjoying fruit, smoothies and ice cream! Which Joe is thrilled about, he loves it and I always say I do not want it, but now I always want it :)

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness
None. I'm SO grateful that i have not had any sickness and was not sick during the first trimester either!

What I miss:
Nothing, no complaints from me this week!

We are having a GIRL! :)

Best moment this week:
 We got the dresser and crib put together, we also got the closet cleaned out in the nursery, so I am good to go, we need to get our crib mattress and I need to wash clothes and blankets! We have also decided to not go the tradition way and buy a glider and get a recliner rocker instead, we are tall so it has been hard to find a rocker that will work, Joe is 6'4 and I am 5'10 so anyone have any suggestions?
We are really struggling to both agree on a name, so we are researching websites and books to see if we can find anything we love, if you have any name suggestions I am always up for ideas :)

And just because I love this sweet dog so MUCH! I want to show you a picture of her with all her "friends" :) Isn't she the sweetest little baby :) Love her!
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Emily said... [Reply]

have you picked a name yet!? You look great!