Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Identity Thief & Gone Girl

On Saturday Joe and i decided to go see a movie, not much has been out that we have wanted to see, i have been laughing at the previews of Identity Thief since it came out, how can you not love Melissa McCarthy! She is too funny!

So we went to see Identity Thief at 4:35 in the afternoon tried to save a few dollars by going to the earlier showing! I can't believe it is $9.50 to see a movie, and of course i had to get popcorn!

 I wasn't sure what to think of this movie and how is was going to go, but i thought it was funny and also i was getting so made to think that people actually do this to people who are just trying to live a "normal life" haha! I dont' want to give too many things away so i am going to leave my comments as, i enjoyed it, would see it again.

Also, have you read Gone Girl? What did you think? Were you disappointed? Did you love it? I just finished it and have been wondering what others thought about the book as well!
Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Are you doing anything to celebrate today?

Also, have you decided if you are giving anything up for Lent? If so what are you giving up? I am still deciding...

Until next time,


JJ said... [Reply]

I really loved all the plot twists and turns in Gone Girl. I hated the ending.

I heard they are making a movie from the book. I'm curious to see how they end it.

New follower.

Sugarr2518 said... [Reply]

I really want to see Identity Theft! I think the hubs and I are going this weekend...v-day celebration:)