Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday, it has been awhile since i have done this link up.

I'm Loving:  That we are doing a wellness challenge at work, i love a little competition, so every week we get "miles" for healthy stuff that we do, they have raffle tickets you earn for doing challenges, this week's challenge is "No Fast Food for 7 consecutive days" which is very easy for me! Next week it is a attend a 30 minute fitness class at the Rec Center" I am looking forward to that challenge!

I'm Loving:  That hopefully Joe and i will be heading to Chicago in a few weeks to see these sweet girls!

Lily loves to "help" Daddy shovel

Emma is such a little pumpkin!

I'm Loving: That in a month and half my mom and i will be heading here!We are heading to Orlando for a few days and then to Fort Myers to see my aunt and her sweet little ones! Any recommendations on places to eat or things we must do?
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I'm Loving: This face wash i have been using, i was needing something new and had read some great reviews on Philosophy's Purity face wash, so i went and bought a small 3 oz bottle to try, so far i love it! What is your daily face wash routine? Do you love any other products by Philosophy?
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I'm Loving:  I just love my sweet Macy girl, i really look forward to coming home to her! Joe is home after me at night, so i get to see her first, she just makes me smile!
Here she is enjoying a snow day at home with Mom :)
Of course, I'm Loving:  My sweet husband, he is working so hard at work plus taking 3 classes at the University, so he is busy but always manages to spend time with his 2 favorite girls, Macy and I :)

One thing I'm NOT Loving:  In the store Lay's has their Vote to Save your Fave, right now, well i decided to buy a bag of the Cheesy Garlic Bread! TERRIBLE, i have an entire bag at home waiting to be taken to work, YUCK! I don't think they tasted anything like cheesy garlic bread and the garlic is overwhelming! Have you tried any? Did you like them?
Happy Wednesday!

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

That's so funny that you'll be bringing the chips to work since you didnt like them! A co-worker did that where I work too!

Emily said... [Reply]

I am so jealous that you are going to FL. I miss my home state sometimes!! Also, I have not tried any of the potato chips but I have been looking for the chicken and waffles flavor. I want to try those! Sorry the ones you picked up were a bust :(

Jennifer said... [Reply]

Your kids are adorable!

I have not tried those chips, but I have been eyeing the Chicken and Waffles ones. They all just sound so interesting.

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Angel said... [Reply]

I've tried the Garlic Bread and Siricha chips both were ewwww to me.

Sarah said... [Reply]

I use the Philosophy vanilla birthday cake body wash. It smells so good. I'm loyal to my Clinique face products though.

jessica renee said... [Reply]

OMG your nieces are the CUTEST!!

So jealous of your Disney World trip, have a blast!!

And my coworker's son's friend was actually the person who submitted the idea for the Chicken and Waffles chips! lol I'm dying to try them!