Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life in the Midwest!

Growing up and living in Iowa my whole life, well it is not the most exciting state in the world, but i wouldn't move anywhere else, home is where my family is!

So my post title says "Life in the Midwest" well, the biggest topic of conversation is ALWAYS the weather, lets see Sunday we had an Ice storm, yesterday  most of the schools around us were cancelled because the roads were too icy and we had extreme fog, then last night around 10:30 pm, it starts thundering, lightening and down pouring rain! I tell you we can use the rain, we were under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning on January 28th!! It is 54 degrees outside right now with possibly more rain on the way! As i am writing this post, i just a received a "weather alert" telling me we are in a Winter Storm Watch haha!This is what it looks like outside. No snow, spring like weather here until later today!

But now take a look at the next 7 days here, within 24 hours our temperatures are going to be dropping 40 degrees! With a chance of snow, haha have to love the Midwest, if you don't like the weather give it a day. :)  I guess we are experiencing a few seasons within 24 hours today!

What is the weather doing where you are? I am very thankful for the rain because we are in a drought here and need any moisture we can get!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Until next time!


Emily said... [Reply]

I can TOTALLY relate to this post! It's the same here in IN. Tomorrow we start out warm with rain, but it switches to snow by evening. Lovely. They say if you don't like the weather in IN, just stick around for an hour because it will change. Must be the same in Iowa toO!

jessica renee said... [Reply]

Oh man I don't know if I could handle THAT cold of weather. I'm always dying for it to get cold here and then the day it's a high of 30 something and I FREAK. hahaha It's gonna be a wet, rainy week here too but when it's not raining it's been gorgeous and Spring like. People with your weather always say they're jealous until I remind them that in just a couple months we'll be in the high 80s and a couple months after that, humid and high 90s..Oh, until October or so. lol.. Stay warm and safe!!