Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today i am sending a special Happy Birthday wish to that special guy in my life, i call my husband! I couldn't ask for a more caring, hardworking and loving husband, he really is the best guy around ( i might be a little biased though :)) He is going to school and working full time, plus cranking out all these DIY projects at our house! What a guy huh? :)

Macy is so very lucky to have a such a great daddy! She really does love you and she knows you are going to rub her little belly all day if you had time! She says you are lucky to have a such a sweet fur baby :)

We are so lucky to have a great guy in our lives! We love you!!!

I also have to wish my  best friend Emily a Happy Birthday too! Her and my hubby share the same day! Happy Birthday Emily! Hope you get to relax a little tonight after work!!
Until next time!