Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Macy is paying the bills! and other fun stuff!

I feel like this month has gone by so quick... not sure i am ready for October to be over my big 3- cough 0 birthday is in 2 days!!! Hard to believe!

Also, today on October 30th 17 years ago i was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, i can't believe it has been 17 years since that day, i remember getting on the scale of the Doctors office and them telling me i weighed 64.4 pounds and measured 5'7" can you imagine how terribly skinny i looked! Here i am today, 5'9"
 and not 64.4 pounds but i am healthy and happy and couldn't ask for much more!

This weekend we decided it was time to carve our pumpkins or as our niece use to call them "Poke-ins" :) I had no idea what i wanted to do, but since i was feeling childish we went with characters or symbols, so i knew instantly what i wanted to do Hello Kitty, since we share the same birthday and everything :) I thought it was perfect!! So here are our pumpkins for 2012!

Joe decided on the Batman symbol, i wanted him to do Ghost busters! But he thought it might be too hard!
I just love how Hello Kitty turned out! The neighbor kids are going to love her :)

 We decided to do Scooby Doo for Macy! She loved it! :)

Our master pieces for Halloween 2012! I am very excited to hand out candy for Trick or Treaters on Wednesday night! What candy are you handing out? I have Reese's, kit kats, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids!

While we were busy cleaning the pumpkins and carving them, Macy was busy at our house as well, as i was paying the bills and petting her while she was laying in the sun, she decided she wanted to pay the bills instead!
After paying the bills, she decided it is exhausting! So i don't think she will be paying them again anytime soon :) How can you not love this week little girl :)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I can't wait to see every one's Halloween pictures! I will post Macy in her costume tomorrow! She has not decided yet, if she is going to be a super hero, pumpkin or wear her Halloween dress, too many choices i guess :)

Also, all those that have been affected by and will be affected by Hurricane Sandy are in my thoughts and prayers!

Until next time!


Jessica Renee said... [Reply]

Macy is so dang cute!!! I wish my dogs would start doing their party and pay the bills! ;)

LOVE your Hello Kitty pumpkin too. That came out sooo good. Have fun tomorrow!

Jessica Renee said... [Reply]

doing their part* :)

Rachel said... [Reply]

Wow, your pumpkins are so detailed! I've never carved a pumpkin, but I'm sure it's not that easy to make such fancy designs!