Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Colored at the Color Run

On October 3rd my sister, myself and some friends of hers went to the Color Run in Des Moines, we had such a great time, we received an email last week saying that the Color Run in Des Moines had the highest registration and largest crowd so far. It was a bit chilly the day of the run, but such a great time. They had over 50,000 people do the run in Des Moines.

We made sure we took our time at each color so we could get some pictures and just enjoy the "Happiest 5k on the Plant"
Here i am all ready to go, we had to wait in the long line of white to get started :) My sister and I bought these cool sunglasses to wear, i am saving them for next year!

All clean and white and ready to hit the road running!
Here we are after the first color orange, how it works is after so long they have a "color station" and you get blasted with color, if you run on the outside of the road you get more color than on the inside of the road, we opted to run on the outside to get the whole experience!

Next up was blue and this is my favorite picture of my sister and I, i just love how the blue looks on the road!
After we did the blue, it was time for my favorite which was the pink color, as i was running through this color i was saying I LOVE PINK haha, so they threw a little extra on me :)
The last color was yellow, all the colors were so pretty, but i was the most excited about the end, when we threw our color packs!!
Here is us at the finale of the color run! Best part and so much fun!

Have you participated in the color run in your area? If so did you love it? We will be doing it again that is for sure! I have preserved my shirt and am hoping it stays for a long time!

After this on Saturday, my mom, sister and I participated in the Especially for you Breast Cancer Walk in our area, it was so cold that morning, just barely above freezing, so we had to break out some winter wear under our lime green shirts! It was us a 15,000 other people we were a sea of green! So neat to see everyone come together for Breast Cancer Awareness.

My sister, myself and my mom


All 3 of us again, i am not sure i am ready for chilly weather yet!

My sister and me! Isn't her headband cute?

My mom and me!

I just love spending time with these 2 special ladies! It makes me smile! I hope everyone is having a great week, sorry for the picture overload! More to come this week, hopefully i will have an update on our basement and some pictures from Joe's birthday!

Until next time,


Emily said... [Reply]

This is so fun, and I so want to participate in a color run! I think it's funny though because all the photos I have seen people are in shorts and tanks and here you guys are all bundled up, ha! :) Don't think I can do next year's run with the baby and all but we can see!