Friday, September 16, 2011

You is kind, you is smart, you is important

My sister and I went to see "The Help" a few weekends ago, i was really nervous about seeing the movie, because I LOVED the book so much, but let me tell you i was not disappointed :)

Here is a picture of us in front of the theatre :)

Please excuse how terrible we look :(
Aibleen is just as wonderful in the movie as she was in the book, i thought the person who played her did a great job! There were a few parts i wanted them to wait to disclose the information but they did it earlier in the movie :)

I usually don't like to go and see movies after i have read the book, because it ruins how much i loved the book, but this will not disappoint, if you have not seen it or read the book. I HIGHLY recommend doing both :)

I hope everyone has great plans for the weekend, i am looking forward to seeing my family and also watching the Iowa Hawkeyes Football game on Saturday, it looks as if our weather is going to be fantastic!

It is the last farmer's market in our area this weekend as well, so i am hoping to get downtown to get some goodies for the last time and to take Macy one last time, she loves to go and see all the people and other dogs there. Last time she went we bought her a new harness and lead. In other news for Macy she has been walking with me at night, usually she walks awhile and then i have to put her in her carrier and she gets to ride the rest of the walk (spoiled much huh?) So Wednesday night she was walking so good i cut our walk in half and she walked almost 1.5 miles!! That is a long walk for those small little legs on that 4.8 pound body of hers! When we got home she drank water and laid on the floor and relaxed with a big ole' smile on her face, love that sweet face!! She loves to lay with her favorite toy "the lion"

TGIF!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time,