Thursday, September 15, 2011

It is Chilly....... and other stuff!

It was a chilly evening for us in Iowa last night..... The low last night was in the 30's, i had to cover my plants and will need to do the same tonight! I sure hope some of this cold weather reaches the south, so they can have a cool down i want the 70's back!! This is what the current temp is right now.... BRRR
The only good thing about a cool down is for us that suffer allergies, the pollen and ragweed are finally getting out of here! I was happy to hear that, the sneezing is getting a bit on the annoying side :)
I have been wanting my niece to say my name for the longest time and she is sure trying, you have to take a listen to the video i have attached, she is saying Mace ( is Macy our furbaby :)) and Tetey ( which is Petey her dog haha) Joe ( my husband) Dadda (her daddy, my brother) and then the last name is mine or as close as she can get to it :) It is so cute, i miss her cute face and can't wait to see her in few weeks!!!

If you have seen the button on the left side of my page, for Sparkpeople, if you are trying to maintain your weight or lose a few pounds i recommend joining this awesome site, i have been using it for about 2 weeks and it has really helped me track my food and exercise! You can earn points and find other friends that are on the site. It has a IPhone, blackberry and Android app for your phone that makes it easy to track everything you eat! I hope if you decide to join you will use that button to help me with my points!!

I also have to thank all my new followers! Hope you are enjoying my ramblings and stay for awhile!!

Until next time,


Emily said... [Reply]

We are having cold nights and cooler days in IN too. I am loving it! Can't wait for Fall!