Monday, September 19, 2011

Chicagoland Speedway

Last year my dad, brother, husband and myself went to the Chicagoland Speedway for my first NASCAR race, i grew up watching NASCAR and my dad and brother are big fans. We had a great time and Jason (my brother) was able to go again this year, it rained all day on Sunday in Chicago so the race was on rain delay. He got to go into the pits and was able to get some pictures of some of the drivers and he also got to experience life in the pits! The race was rained out and scheduled for green flag start at 11:00 central time today, Jason was unable to go today. So i am going to share a few pictures of his day in the pits!

My brother and the Caveman :)

Jason and Kasey Kahne driver of the #4 Red Bull Toyota :)
I have said that Jason and Kasey Kahne look alike since Kasey started racing, so i think it is funny that he has this picture :)

My sister's boyfriend Danny was also at the race and this is his view of the race today, as he is siting in the pit box for Landon Cassill who is driving the #51 Security Benefits Thank a Teacher Today Chevrolet. How cool is that?  :) Landon and Danny grew up together and are still best friends!
Do you watch NASCAR? If so who is your favorite driver?

Love you all!

Until next time,