Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bumpdate - 36 weeks


36 weeks: Your baby, almost 6 pounds and still packing on the pounds at a rate of about an ounce a day, is comparable to a Crenshaw melon in size. (Length: more than 18 1/2 inches, head to heel.)

Maternity Clothes Maternity clothes and maxi dresses are my favorite right now. Also, loving some sweatshirts now that the weather is slowly cooling off at night.

Stretch Marks
I have a few around my middle were I took my insulin shots, I am hoping the Bio Oil and the Palmers will help, but at this point no big deal!

She moves, but since she is head down now, I think she has less room to really kick, I do get a few kicks in my lungs that take my breath away :)

Food cravings
Still enjoying fruit and ice cream!

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness
None. I'm SO grateful that i have not had any sickness and was not sick during the first trimester either!

What I miss:
I am starting to really want a cold meat sandwich, Diet Soda and an adult beverage, so many great beers in the fall! The swelling has begun, so my feet are a little sore, but no complaints for this girl! with that being said I am missing my tennis shoes!

We are having a GIRL! :)

Best moment this week:
 At my 36 week appointment and NST, I was having contractions the entire time during the NST, so Dr thinks she will be here sooner rather than later! He said he will give me an induction date after next Friday! Joe is thinking she will be here by the 17th, I am sticking with the 25th. Also, my A1C's have been great still sticking around 5.7 so I am so happy with that, I feel like I have a done a great job at managing my diabetes and feel really good about it!

We also had our maternity pictures taken this weekend and are very excited to get them back, patiently waiting for a sneak peak :)

Joe wanted in on the picture action this month as well!!

Until next time!