Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things i am Loving today!

I can't believe today is already Wednesday! The weeks seem to by flying by! Anyone else feel that way?

Here are a few things i am loving this week.

I'm Loving:  That this past weekend i went to the Light the Fuse Tour with Dustin Lynch, Little Big Town and Keith Urban! Hands down the most amazing concert i have ever been too! This pregnant lady had a great time! Can't wait to head back to the Jones County Fair next year for Miranda Lambert and we are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the other concerts.

I'm Loving:  The weather we are having this week, it is amazing! Last week it was HOT and HUMID :( This week our air conditioning is going to get a break, it has almost been like fall weather in the morning!

I'm Loving: I went to a Arbonne party a couple weeks ago and splurged on some new facial cleanser and i am LOVING the new RE9 products i bought, if you have not ever heard of Arbonne or used them click here to see what is about. Have you used Arbonne before? Did you love it?
I'm Loving:  My sweet and loving husband, the best fur baby a mommy could ask for, Macy  and our sweet little girl who we will get to meet this fall!

Joe with our niece Emma, he is going to be such a good daddy! :)
Macy with her shirt that says, Queen of the house :) Yes that she is haha!

Happy Wednesday!

Until next time!


Emily said... [Reply]

We are getting a cooler week too and it's SO nice! Have you thought of a name for your baby girl yet? Just wondering! Happy Wednesday!