Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Adult ABC's

I saw this floating around on a couple people’s blogs and thought I would try it out! I am taking the outline from Emily’s blog check her out if you have not already!

A. Attached or Single: Attached and happily married to Joe for almost 6 years of wedded bliss!

B. Best Friend: I have a few close friends my BFF Emily and of course my hubby Joe and Macy!

C. Cake or Pie: Do I have chose, I love them both

D. Day of choice: I love Saturdays and Sundays, Saturdays because it is the only full day that Joe and I have off together and Sunday because I feel like I am more productive on Sundays than any other day of the week!

E. Essential Item: I have to say my insulin, chap stick and right now Kleenex’s I can’t go anywhere without Kleenex’s right now, my nose is running like faucet!

F. Favorite Color: My favorite color is PINK and has been for a long time! Watch out Baby Adams is going to be overwhelmed with pink haha!

G. Gummy Bears or Worms: Both! I love fruity, gummy things...way more than chocolate (shocker, right!?) I have to same I am in the same boat as Emily on this one!

H. Hometown: Vinton, IA small town Iowa! Wouldn’t change it for anything!

I. Favorite Indulgence: I would say a dilly bar for a dip cone, I LOVE them but we do not get them very often! Haha!

J. January or July: July. I like July because of the 4th of July and sweet corn! But January is not terrible if is not super cold! I would say neither of these comes in as a favorite!

K. Kids: We currently have one fur baby Macy who we love dearly and spoil rotten, we also are expecting our long awaited baby, baby girl Adams in late October early November!

L. Life isn't complete without: The loves of my life, Joe, Macy and baby girl! Also, my family and friends.

M. Marriage Date: 9/22/2007

N. Numbers of siblings: One older brother and a little sister! Wouldn’t trade them for the world!

O. Apples or Oranges: I love both, but I am going with Apples, especially Honey crisp apples which should be making a debut here very soon!

P. Phobias: I am seriously afraid of frogs/toads, I know weird but they are so gross and freak me out! I am also a bit of a germaphobe, I won’t share all my secrets, but my co-workers and boss like to poke fun of me about my antics haha!

Q. Quotes:
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. “unknown”

R. Reasons to Smile: I have lots of reasons to smile, I really feel very lucky.

S. Season of choice: I have reasons to love all the seasons, but Fall is my favorite I just love all the fun stuff that time of year brings, plus who doesn’t love hooded sweatshirts and jeans! Plus Hawkeye Football J

T. Tag 5 People: Come on and join the fun!

U. Unknown fact about me: I am sure I have lots of unknown facts about me, but I guess I will share that i can't sleep without a fan! It does not have to be cooling me off i just have to have it for sound :)

V. Vegetable: I like cucumbers but I live in Iowa so I LOVE sweet corn!

W. Worst Habit: I use to bite my nails and you would think with my germaphobe problem I wouldn’t do that, but I have since quit and I am going on about 8 months of no biting my nails!!

X. X-ray or Ultrasound: Either would be fine by me. I have only had 1 x-ray I think and about a million ultrasounds it seems like.

Y. Your favorite food: I love to grill, so steaks, grilled chicken and brats!

Z. Zodiac sign: I'm a Scorpio!
SO, did you learn anything new here? 
See you all next time! 


Emily said... [Reply]

Wasn't it fun!?! We love sweet corn and have brats often too! My family in FL doesn't know what brats are-maybe it's a Mid-West thing?

Ashley R said... [Reply]

This is the perfect post to stumble upon on your blog and see :) Love all the wedding photos. My husband is a huge brats fan too!