Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Must Haves vs. No need to buy baby items! Help!

So the hubby and i have officially started our registry's and let me tell you it is overwhelming!! Obviously we have plenty of friends that have had kids and my brother and his wife have 2 little ones, but we are seriously wanting to know what are things that you didn't register for, that you wish you had now that your little one is bigger, what did you register for that was a complete waste?

Also, i am really wanting to get a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag, this one to be exact.

But lots of people say to just use a nice backpack, because it is so much more user friendly, any suggestions on that? Plus you really only use the diaper bag for the first year or so.

We have also heard from so many people to not get a pack and play and use the Rock and Play's, how much did you love or not love your rock and play? Most of the people said it was so much easier to have this to move around your house and also lots easier to load up if you are going to visit people.

I know that something's work for some parents while other things do not, but i feel like hearing how things worked for others is so a true testament to whether or not we should try it!

So help a girl out and tell me your MUST HAVES and things to STAY away from :)

Until next time!



Ashley said... [Reply]

MUST have: Mirror for the back seat. I got this and love it. I couldn't do without it now. I love to look back and see my son. It's how I knew if he was asleep or not, if he lost his binky, ect. I also caught so many sweet moments I would have otherwise missed when I glanced back at stoplights and such.

If you use a paci/binky (my son did as a newborn but quickly got away from them) these Wubbanubs are awesome. You'll find as your baby drifts to sleep they relax their jaw and suction and it will fall out of their mouth which immediately wakes them up. It was so frustrating and I got these so they would sit lightly on his chest to hold it in. They're perfect. Then as he teethed he would bite or suck on the legs, arms of the animal and loved that. So it was a two for one kind of benefit. (Look at the images of the listing to see it better)

We got a pack n play and didn't have a rock n play. The thing about the PNP is that my son wouldn't sleep laying flat for about 2-3 months. He HAD to sleep cozied up in his carseat (that I had to keep next to our bed). So, I can see where the RNP would have benefits! Keep in mind though, once she is more than a few months old, she'll outgrow the RNP and you will need something bigger like a PNP when visiting family, friends - even just for the day because she'll be taking 2+ naps a day and you'll need something safe for her to sleep in. We have a PNP at my mom's because I visit my parents a few hours each Saturday. And we have ours which just came in handy when we went on vacation, we took that and it was his makeshift crib for the week.

Emily said... [Reply]

We love our rock-n-play so much, also our bouncey seat! Also, the Snuza monitor that I blogged about that week! :) Also, we had a diaper bag and hated it. We now use a backpack and LOVE it. Once we don't need it everyday, Lilly will still use it daily when she goes to the sitters or Grandma & Grandpa's to haul her toys I am sure! :)