Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Our Christmas tree in the newly finished basement, I was so excited to have 2 trees!
 We got a White Christmas in Iowa, so I wanted to take a couple pictures of our house with the lights and snow!
Our tree upstairs with some of the gifts! I just love this time of year!

It is hard to  believe it has been 2 weeks since Christmas already! I hope everyone had a great time with their friends and families! We had a great time this holiday season!
We were suppose to head to Chicago on the 21st to spend the weekend with my family, but Macy was ill and we had to take her to the vet, well we took her twice, the first time we took her they thought she was constipated... (she is embarrassed I wrote that on here :)) By 4 days later she was feeling a little better, so we thought she was, so we decided to start the trip and see what happened, as we were about 35 minutes into the drive she started panting really hard and also was dry heaving, so we knew something was not right with her and called the Vet immediately and he said to bring her in, after another x-ray and hours of waiting we found out she had a inflammation of 2 of her discs in her back! Poor baby, they think that is why she was constipated, so we had to treat her with 3 medications, soft dog food and she was suppose to rest, so NO running, jumping or doing any stairs! She is much better now, but we were sure worried about that sweet 4 legged baby of ours!
Here she is resting on her favorite pillow.... :)

We spent Christmas Eve with my in laws and as always we had a great night, we went to Church mass at 4 and it was a good service, they did not do a children's nativity this year, wish we could have seen that. Below is Macy opening her gift from her Grandma and Grandpa, a sweet new ornament for the tree :) Also a quick snapshot of our sweet family, Joe, Macy and I.

We were suppose to head to my parents house on Christmas day to spend time with them, but my dad came down with the flu, so we were staying away and my mom didn't want us to come. I am a terrible housewife and didn't have much to eat at our house since we were planning to be gone for the Holidays, so the husband and I had a wonderful frozen pizza for dinner sounds delicious huh? I really sweated over the stove to make a Christmas day dinner for us :)

Joe and I spent all day Christmas day watching movies and spending time together, I got Joe a PS3 for Christmas so he was busy playing with that, while I messed with some of my new gadgets I got for my new camera. I got the wireless adapter I was asking for from "Santa" so I am anxious to use that here in the next few weeks! My mom also ordered me a camera strap from Etsy which is finally here and I get it this week!

Joe and I hope everyone had a great Christmas, we were truly blessed in 2012 and can't wait to see what 2013 brings us! I will be back for Macy's birthday and NYE recap!

What was your favorite gift you got this year, or favorite gift you gave this year?

I have to say I have 2 gifts, one was the PS3 for Joe, he had no idea I got it for him, because I have been telling him for 2 years that he can't get one haha, because he doesn't have time with school and work! So it was a surprise for him! Even though we didn't get to see Lily open her gifts from us, I guess she was super excited to get her "barn" from us!

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Emily said... [Reply]

I love your trees! We have two also and I love it. Couldn't imagine only having one now! Ha! Love Macy and her stocking too!