Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pinterest finds!

I have been "pinning" for what seems like a couple years haha, but i have not made too many things off Pinterest, so this past weekend and early this week i decided to start making a few things i started with something easy! You have to start somewhere right?

In the Spring/Summer time i love to get the Starbucks shaken passion fruit tea/lemonade. It is a special treat for me! When i saw this pin, i went to the store got the tea bags and i also picked up some lemonade to mix in with it!

As for the tea, it was super easy to make you can find the recipe link here, and even Joe said it is really close! So i would say this "pin" is a "win" :)

Image from pinterest
I also have been wanting some Amish Friendship bread, yes that weird bag of stuff you make and give to your friends, growing  up my mom seemed to always get the starter bag at least one or two times a year, so i started looking on pinterest for a recipe that didn't call make you wait 7 days to bake it!

I found one that had good reviews, so i got all the ingredients on Monday night and was baking them that night! The Cinnamon bread as they called it was super easy to make and is VERY yummy! If you have every had Amish Friendship bread, this is super close to it! You can find the recipe here.

Image from Pinterest
So i have now started a "Things i have actually made" board and will be making more things soon!
What is your best "pin" so far?
I wish i was more crafty so i could make some of the cute craft things on there, but at this point i am just sticking with recipes!

Happy Thursday!!

Until next time!


Emily said... [Reply]

I remember that friendshp bread too, it was yummy but I hated waiting and squeezing it all those days!

Ashley said... [Reply]

My favorite Pin's seem to be cleaning pins.

I found an awesome DIY stain remover (my son has baby food stains on all his whites) that works so good. Also, a tub cleaning concoction that I adore. Spray, leave for a few minutes and wipe down. Seriously, no scrubbing. And I now have a new favorite way to clean my microwave! :) Let me know if you're interested in any of these and I'll link you. :)

We also copied a pin for our bedroom design and I love it.

jessica renee said... [Reply]

I am the same way, I never make anything I pin!! haha But that drink sounds awesome, that's one of my Starbucks faves too!!