Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a little camera love!

I am the proud new owner of one of these beauties! I did a ton of research on what kind of camera i wanted and this one, won out on some of the others! I am excited to get the wireless adapter, hopefully Santa will bring that to me  :)

The Nikon 3200
I am hoping to get some of the following for Christmas, or use some of my Santa money for them after the Holidays!

The Nikon Wireless Adapter I am looking forward to using this when we are taking pictures of our nieces, because we can send them right to them without having to wait and load the pictures on the computer.
I am also wanting a cute strap cover from Etsy, I really like this one!

I am looking forward to messing around with all the settings over the Holidays! I am sure my nieces are going to be mad at me for saying smile for the camera haha! I know my little model Macy is tired of me already!

What DSLR camera do you have? Any suggestions on accessories or other lenses to get?

I am happy today is Wednesday! i am looking forward to Thursday and then on Friday we have our Staff Retreat- Holiday Party! We have a fun day planned with Secret Santa's being revealed and we are also having a Cookie exchange, i am making these cookies! Hopefully they turn out! :)
I will end this blog post with a sweet picture of one of our nieces!

P.S. I am wanting a blog redesign, any suggestions on sites that do great work, or any suggestions on things i can do myself :) Thanks! You can email me here or leave a comment!

Until next time!


jessica renee said... [Reply]

Oooh i can't wait to hear all about it when you get your camera, so fun!!! and your niece is PRECIOUS!