Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tail Waggin Tuesday

I know Macy gets talked about a lot on my blog, but how can you not love that sweet face of hers :) Hope you enjoy some pictures of her :) Jump over to CMae's blog and link up for her Tail Waggin Tuesday

This Tuesday Editions is share your favorite Instagram photos, so here is photo overload with a few pictures of our sweet Macy :)

 This was the day we got Macy, look at how small she was :) SO sweet!!!

We have a bad habit on our hands, a couple years ago, i was doing some work at home and had a glass of water and she stuck her head in there and started drinking, unfortunately, she still does this, of course with water only!
 Here she in her bike trailer! She loves to go on bike rides, she happy that the weather is getting nice, so she is able to ride :) Yes, people look at us funny when they realize we are pulling a dog and not a kid, haha!

This is one her favorite spots to lay, in the rug in front of the heating vent... she is silly!

 She loves to go on Sunday drives! usually Joe and I take her together that way she can see out the window! Spoiled much??

 Doing her 2 favorite things, laying in the sun and chewing on her flossies!

 So sweet!! <3

 I just think she looks so cute here! Again, how can you not love that face!

I know i have bored you with 2 posts on this sweet little girl, but she is loved very much that is for sure!!

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Until next time,


J and A said... [Reply]

Such a cutie!!! She loves the camera!! :)

Emily said... [Reply]

Macy is so cute, gotta love her! We treat Louie similiar too-he is so spoiled! I never thought about taking him on a bike ride though...you have given me an idea!! :)

his little Lady said... [Reply]

oh my CUTENESS, especially that picture with the cup!!! so precious, i love little dogs!
xo TJ

Caroline said... [Reply]

I love the bike trailer. So cute!

CMae said... [Reply]

I love the pics of crossed paws!!! So stinking cute!! Thank you so much for linking up!!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said... [Reply]

Macy is such a little cutie!! :)

Megan said... [Reply]

Oh my gosh, she was SO TINY when y'all got here!! Love her!