Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forever Home

On this day 3 years ago, we adopted the sweetest 4 legged baby! Macy was 1 pound 2 ounces the day we brought her home! Such a little pumpkin! It was instant love as soon as she licked my face :) Joe had wanted to get a dog since the day we said I Do, i on the other hand was unsure of having a pet, i didn't have many pets growing up and when we did have dogs, they were outside dogs. So i said lets talk about it later :)

Macy stole my heart right away, she snuggled right in and gave me many licks on my cheek, i knew she was going home with us!! How can you say no to such a sweet face!

Here are a few pictures of the day we brought her home

Today, we took Macy to the vet to have double luxating patella surgery, small breed dogs are known to have the problem with their knees, so she is going to have about a 6 week recovery. We will be spoiling her and giving her lots of kisses. I am also going to be trying some hydro therapy with her after her 2 week post op appointment.

The Vet we go to is wonderful and they will spoil her and take wonderful care of her, a specialist is coming in to do the surgery and their is another dog having knee surgery as well, but still this mommy is nervous for her fur baby! She will be staying over night at the vet tonight, i am going to stop and see her tonight and then i have some stuff to do at home to get the house ready for her :)

We Love you Macy!!!

Until next time,


Emily said... [Reply]

Cute pictures! Funny how our pups are our babies and mean so much to us. Praying her surgery goes as planned and that she has an easier than expected recovery!