Monday, March 26, 2012

Macy's surgery and other

This past week, we had lots going on. Wedensday we dropped of our sweet fur baby Macy to our beloved Vet for her to have her double knee surgery. Also, that day 3 years ago we gave Macy her forever home!

On March 15, 2009, i recieved a phone call no one wants to get, we lost a great guy and friend that day. Burns was the funniest and most life loving person i knew. I think about him all the time and miss his smile and laughter, i know he is watching us all and celebrating his life. His birthday was March 17 so we know he was celebrating and he gave us the most amazing weather to do so.

Macy was picked up from the Vet on March 15th at around 5:00, that poor girl had a cone on her head and she was anxious to see us, i was SO happy to have her back in my arms, after paying the painful vet bill :) we went home and she was not very happy she was whiney and i know she was in pain, we snuggled with her for 2 days and finally she calmed down and we were able to get some sleep. Here are some pictures of her the first day or 2.
We had to buy a pack and play for Macy to have as her home for the first 14 days after surgery, she doesn't mind being in it too much, it is nice because we can wheel her from place to place and she can also see us when we are sitting in the room.
 Poor little girl hates the cone, but she was not very good and was licking her incisions, after the first 2 days we were able to take the cone off, if you ask her to stop licking, and she doesn't we say "do you want the cone?" haha and she stops, she is so smart :)

 This was the first day we brought her home, her poor bruised and swollen legs...
 Day 2, she was much happier and more alert this day!

On Friday March 30th, we have her 2 week post op appointment and we will also start rehab with her :) I think she is ready to run and play in the backyard, she has been sad to come inside after she does potty outside.

In other news, Joe and I are going to be blessed with another.......................

Niece come July! Lily is excited to have a baby sister, check out these sweet shirts i bought them :) We are so excited to have another niece to love and spoil :)

We are having wonderful weather, yesterday we spent the day mowing and cleaning the yard, well i didnt' mow, but i pulled weeds :) My hostas and lillies are starting to grow so Spring is coming!!

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J and A said... [Reply]

Poor Macy, hope she feels better soon. :( Love the pack and play!! YAY for nieces, they are so fun!