Thursday, July 28, 2011

All about me :)

I copied this from Jessica over at You are my color, you should check her blog out, she is very funny and just shared some exciting news that she is expecting, i can't wait to follow her on her journey to motherhood :)

I am... Melissa :)

I want... to get my butt back in shape BAD! :)

I have... a wonderful husband, the best family a girl could ask for and the CUTEST little munchkin dog :)

I wish... I could be good at cooking and better at catching up with friends!

I hate... awkward silences, know-it-alls and rude people :)

I fear... losing my loved ones.

I hear... about all the sadness but want to hear about the good things happening :)

I search... for DIY ideas and decorating ideas all the time! Along with floor plans for a future home :)

I wonder... about many things, too many to list!

I regret... i don't have any regrets, i think we learn from our "mistakes" or regrets and those make us the person we are today!

I love... my husband and the way he puts up with me and our sweet dog Macy, my family, my friends and you followers who follow this little blog i have <3

I never... thought i would have a dog and love her as much as i do!!!

I ache... for loved ones i miss and think about daily.
I always... stress out way more than I should.

I usually... plan way more than i can actually accomplish in one day!

I am not... a cook, but wish i was... going to be taking a cooking class this fall, wish this lady luck :)
I dance... best when I've been drinking and only when i have been drinking!

I sing... only in my car by myself, i wouldn't want to hurt any ones poor ears :)

I sometimes... wonder, what we will be doing in 10 years!

I cry... over loved ones, good/happy times and sometimes at TV shows......
I am not always... as motivated to get things done as i would like to be!

I lose... i use to lose my keys until i got a vehicle that has a push button start instead of using a key, which for me is great because i never have to remove my keys from my purse :)

I am confused... about something all the time, a fairly (6 months) new job will do that to you :)

I need... to be more motivated!

I should... really get going on my Christmas list for what we need to buy haha!

If you do the same list, let me know - I'd love to read yours!!

Thanks for reading and thank you for following my blog! love you all!

Until next time,


Jaime said... [Reply]

ok... ONE you sing to me all the time ;) hahha we love to jam out!
TWO, Stop with the chirstmas list thing already, your not getting mine till the beginning of Dec ;) and THREE... ummm idk thats all for now!

Jessica Renee said... [Reply]

You're so sweet, thank you :)

I love getting DIY ideas together too! Are you on Pinterest by the way? If not, you NEED to be!! :)

and wow we are so meant to be friends, I've been thinking of Christmas shopping like crazy lately! haha