Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It is hard to believe it is Wednesday already! I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving: This Cotton Candy candle from Bath and Body Works! It smells great and really makes the house smell like summer!!
I'm Loving: That the original Teen Mom is coming back in July!! I am sucker for reality TV and this is one of those shows that no matter how many times i say i am not going to watch it, you know i am watching it :)
I'm Loving: That my one of my best friends is moving back to Iowa!! I am so happy to have her here, can't wait to hang out!!! :)

I'm Loving: This Aveda shampoo for summer hair! I love all Aveda products, but since i am going to be swimming this will help my hair stay nice and not smell like chlorine!
I'm Loving: My sweet and hard working husband, he works full time and is taking 2 college classes this summer! I am so proud of him and I know it is hard to give up your summer fun time to take classes, but he is happy about getting the classes out of the way!

I'm Loving: My sweet Macy girl, she is so funny lately, everytime i get home from work i can hear her whining for me as soon as i come inside! :) What i would do if she wasn't with me at night! I love her!!

Can't wait to see what you are loving this week!

Happy Wednesday!

Until Next Time,


Jessica Renee said... [Reply]

Cotton candy, really?! I am definitely gonna have to look into this! :)

I'm happy you have a good friend moving back!

Happy Wednesday!

Joeylee said... [Reply]

I bet that candle smells YUMMY! Im excited for Teen Mom to be back too!

Kristen said... [Reply]

I love Aveda products but have not heard of the summer shampoo - that is a very good idea!

Happy Wednesday! :)