Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today is Tuesday and HOT!! My thoughts on the Bachelorette..........

I have been a busy lady the last few days! I am kind of excited that it is Tuesday! Tonight i am starting my lap swimming! :) Can't wait plus i need to get in the water because we are having some HOT days here in Iowa, along with most of the United States, we are suppose to hit 100 with it feeling like 105-110 today! So i will be swimming and heading right home to sit in the air conditioning! :) It is too hot for Macy to sit outside, normally she loves to lay on the patio when the sun is out, not yesterday and i am sure she won't want to do it today either!

This is how i felt yesterday after i got home and ran a couple errands!
Here is our weather outlook for the week!I am actually looking forward to some rain, we have been watering our yard already and it is not even July!

 On Sunday the hubby and i decided to finally hang our flag pole outside! Looking forward to having it up and using it! I also got a watering pic to water my plants and flowers! I can't wait to use it! The little things in life that get us excited!

So i got sucked into watching the Bachelorette again this season, i have to admit i am not a huge fan of Ashley, i think she is a little bananas sometimes. So my review of last nights episode.... it was terrible i just don't get how she could think Bentley was the man for her!! Also, i felt like she let all the other guys down by crying and carrying on, i said if i was on the show i wouldn't even want to be there anymore because i would feel like she didn't care for me. What do you think? I also had to check out Reality Steve's website to see what he said and also to see who the final 4 are!! :) Who is your favorite? I have to say my favorite bachelor for Ashley is JP! He is just genuinely nice and seems really interested in her no matter what!! So cute! I am going to give away one spoiler, i guess rumor has is Bentley comes back to the show when they are in Hong Kong....... Ashley asks him to come back because she needs closure!! COME ON! Let him go........

 What reality TV show would you go on if you could?  The husband and i have always wanted to be on the Amazing Race! It would be so fun to travel the world and get to meet other people, but i think we would fight too much on the show, so maybe we would be a good fit :) I am terrible with directions and i would get mad if we didn't know where we were going!

Hope everyone stays cool and has a great Tuesday!

Until next time,

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Katie said... [Reply]

Agreed!! I love JP, I spotted him the first episode. He remimnds me of the guy from inception and 10 things I hate about you...