Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hadley- 4 months old

4 months already! How is this possible, seriously every month I say  I want you stay this age, but I also want you to slow down, you are growing too fast for this sappy mommy! :) You amaze me every month as your smiles, laughs, coos and milestones amaze me! I am also amazed that you have grown so much just on mommy's milk, which I am so proud of! Being a type 1 diabetic I was not sure if I would be able to breastfeed and I have to tell you I am amazed and so proud of both of us!

4 months have flown by, going to work is still hard every morning, I thought it would get easier but it has not, I still cry and know in my heart I would love to be home with you every day.

Clothes: You are wearing mostly 6 months clothes and some 3 month sleepers still fit you,  I can't believe all the sweet little clothes we have in totes that you will never wear again! I never thought I would be such  a sap about everything, but I cry every time I wash something and know you will never wear it again.

Health: You are a great eater and very healthy, you were 14 pounds 6 ounces and 25 1/2 inches at your 4 month appointment, you are very healthy and doing great, your Doctor said we can try rice cereal whenever we are ready, not sure when we will do this, but maybe in a couple weeks. You are a healthy and happy baby girl, which is all we ask for!

Diet:   You eat around every 4 hours during the day and you have been going around 6-7 hours in the night, you are strictly eating breast milk at this point, but mommy is pumping at work to give you the milk you need during the day, you take 2 4 ounce bottles while I am at work, then you nurse around 3 other times at night!

Sleep:  You are sleeping mostly through the night, but we are battling a little 4 month sleep regression, you take a few power naps during the day and then maybe a 2 hour nap late afternoon early evening. It seems you are sleeping every night when I get home from work! But you do love your sleep :)

Baby Gear:  You love your play mat, swing, bumbo, all your rattles and the mirror still, you are now loving your Ergo carrier, the exer saucer is becoming a favorite because you are now big enough to sit in it! You love to be busy and you also like to have us hold you and look into the bathroom mirror.

Likes:  Baths, laying on your back looking in the mirror, tummy time you have really started to love this, now that you know what to do, swinging, sleeping, snuggle time with mommy and daddy, rocking in your rocker, your sister Macy, feeding time, your crib, pacifiers and also car rides!

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, being hungry and also cold diaper wipes, you have now started to not like to get burped!

Happy 4 months Hadley! We love you to the moon and back!! I seriously love each month more and more and couldn't be more happier to be your mommy! You make me the happiest mommy in the world! Being your mommy is the best job I have ever been given and I just love it! I couldn't ask for anything better!

Love, Mommy!


Emily said... [Reply]

Such a cutie, love her!